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Web Hosting Companies That Accept Bitcoin


When purchasing a web hosting plan credit cards and PayPal are broadly accepted. Paying by check or money order can be worked out with some hosting companies as well, but it will definitely delay the amount of time it takes to setup your account. Digital currencies like Bitcoin are only accepted by a very small percentage of web hosting companies. There’s around 420 million cryptocurrency users worldwide (although no one really knows the exact number…) and this payment method certainly isn’t in ultra-high demand in the hosting industry. Nevertheless, the numbers are rising each year and web hosting providers are slowly embracing it as another payment option.


As of 08/12/2022: All eligible PayPal account holders in the U.S. can now transfer, send and receive cryptocurrency with PayPal.

If you use Bitcoin here are some web hosting companies that accept Bitcoin payments.


MonsterMegs Accepts Bitcoin

MonsterMegs customers can use Bitcoins to purchase web hosting plans. Just select Bitcoin as a payment method on the checkout page and you will be automatically directed to BitPay to complete the payment.


Namecheap Accepts Bitcoin

To use Bitcoin with Namecheap you need to login to you Namecheap account and click “Add Funds to your account”. Then “Add Funds Using Bitcoin”, enter the amount of money you want to add to your Namecheap account and click “Proceed to BitPay”. Once the funds are credited to your account you can use them for any of Namecheap’s services.


GlowHost Bitcoin

You can order web hosting with Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies at GlowHost. GlowHost also accepts Litecoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash and 12 other popular crypto assets with more popular options being added all the time. Just choose your favorite cryptocurrency on the payment page at checkout.


HostWinds Accepts Bitcoin

To order a hosting plan from HostWinds and pay using Bitcoin, simply choose Bitcoin as the payment method on the checkout page.


HawkHost Accepts Bitcoin

Paying for hosting services from HawkHost in Bitcoin is the same process as with MonsterMegs and HostWinds. Just choose Bitcoin as your payment method on the last step of the order form to pay with Bitcoin.

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