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MDDHosting Review

Posted by Review Hell
Last updated on Jun 15, 2018

I first found out about MDDHosting when I was looking for a more reliable and support-oriented shared hosting company around 5 months ago. I felt I needed to transfer my major projects, my brother’s and friends’ sites, and a couple of our clients’ sites to another host soon, because I was starting to get uncomfortable with my current host back then.

I had MDDHosting in my shortlist for a while because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend almost twice the amount I was spending on my old host. But when I finally experienced their service, I thought I should’ve made the switch sooner because they are very reliable and they have exceptional support. I couldn’t be happier!

Try them and you’ll see why $6.38/month (without discount coupons yet) for a shared plan is actually a huge bargain.

Top-notch Hosting Services and Support

MDDHosting‘s about page says “We do not see our clients as a number or a dollar sign.” Now I’ve seen quite a lot of other hosting companies say something similar, but this is the first time I saw this as more than just another fancy quote.

When I signed up for an account, I immediately had to submit a support ticket because my brother and I were having issues while transferring our sites. I received a constructive reply within a few minutes from the company owner, Michael Denney. It was apparent that he cared for each of his clients and I felt that he treats small clients and big clients equally (yeah I purchased the cheapest plan). This gave me a good first impression!

Weeks passed and the service remained stable. Fast speeds and great uptime all throughout. I remember just one instance when my site was down, it was a minor MySQL issue which their tech team was very honest and responsive about. The downtime lasted for less than 10 minutes and during that time MDDHosting kept me posted.

After being with them for a month, I decided to purchase a semi-dedicated plan for $255/year (no discount coupon) for one of our big projects. I can safely say that it was one of the best decisions I made when it comes to choosing a hosting provider for a business website. Another month after, everything’s still running smoothly and I’m now very confident that with MDDHosting, I can practically set aside all the stuff about hosting and just concentrate on the project itself.

One last thing that amazes me until now is the dependability and consistency of their level 1 support specialists. With other hosting companies, you can’t really expect much from the level 1 guys. But MDDHosting is on a whole different level. Their level 1 support can actually answer very specific questions and they don’t respond with copy-pasted stuff. Just today, I needed to change my shared account’s main domain and I’ve been promptly helped by a level 1 support rep accomplish this. He did a great job, much better than a lot of other hosts’ “main” support reps.

Michael, Scott, Tim, and all the other guys from MDDHosting have been very helpful since day one. Their hosting service is excellent and their high-quality support is truly 24/7. If you send in a ticket at 12:00 am their time you could still expect a response within minutes.

I am not sure if they outsource support but I don’t really mind, as long as they are able to address concerns well and in a timely manner. To be honest, I don’t think I’d be able to find a less-than-$10-a-month hosting company which can outperform MDDHosting, especially in terms of support. MDDHosting has my respect for treating their customers well and for being a great provider overall.

Final Verdict

I’ve been with MDDHosting for two months already and I’ve yet to find a fault with their service. They’ve been consistently helpful ever since my first day with them. My brother and I prepaid for at least a year for two accounts – one shared plan, one semi-dedicated plan – and I’m pretty sure we won’t be going anywhere else unless their company changes for the worse, which is highly unlikely.

Initially some people might think that their prices are a bit high and I would concur. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Trust me when I say that the extra dollar or two a month that you’re gonna shell out to pay for their services would definitely be worth it. Michael and his team are awesome, no doubt about that. Definitely recommended!

MDDHosting Review Updates

06/06/2014 – Moved more sites to semi-dedicated!
It’s been six months since I wrote this review and to this day, MDDHosting continues to provide solid web hosting services. MDDHosting now offers pure SSD semi-dedicated plans so my bro and I decided to move a few more of our sites from shared hosting to their semi-dedicated platform. The transfer process was quick and seamless; we experienced no downtime at all. Props to Michael and Eric for assisting with the transfer!
08/21/2014 – Still very happy with MDDHosting’s service!
The guys over at MDDHosting have always gone above and beyond. There were several occasions where they helped me solve issues which were caused by external apps/services – I bet most other hosts won’t be willing to do these stuff for their clients!
10/24/2014 – MDDHosting continues to provide high-performance hosting.
I am not hosting Review Hell with MDDHosting anymore because I moved to a VPS, but I still have clients who are on MDDHosting’s shared plans.

My clients’ sites have been up for 930 hours straight. I think this figure could’ve been much higher if it weren’t for the minimal 5-minute downtimes caused by CloudFlare (i.e., downtimes that are not the host’s fault). Site loading times are blazing fast just as before and I don’t think this will ever change for the worse. It’s been almost one year since I first signed up with them and I still very highly recommend MDDHosting. :)

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26 responses to “MDDHosting Review”

  1. Mervin Kent says:

    Thank u for the detailed review been considering mdd and hawk host. By any chance do u have a recurring discount coupon?Would be great for month by month payments. Thanks

  2. kelly says:

    never heard of them but i ‘ll try them when my contract with host gator expires,

  3. […] save more than 20 bucks a month on hosting. Besides, I don’t have any complaints about my current host at all. Speed, uptime, and support have been consistently superb for months […]

  4. Andi Ward says:

    I too can vouch for MDDhosting, best, most reliable shared hosting I’ve ever used – and I’ve tried them all… Also worth mentioning they use Litespeed instead of Apache, still runs everything you’re used to… e.g cpanel, mysql… but much quicker and less resource hogging.

  5. I can vouch for MDDHosting as well, I use them for all my websites, and currently have about 25 domains hosted on their first plan, the price is great for the service they provide and support is fucking excellent.
    I wrote a review on my own blog as well that you might be interested in reading: https://helgesverre.com/blog/mddhosting-review

  6. Mikailah says:

    I have enjoyed reading your reviews here, as I have been looking for hosts with litespeed. My current host, TMDhosting.com, whom I’ve had for a few years now also has awesome support. They will even go out of their way to install updates for me since, I seem to break things using an ftp. MDD seems like a very good site, so I posted questions in their forum. and Michael wrote back. I gather they would not ftp scripts for me, but I too am not sure how clear I was on what type I used. It is not one that softculous has. I still want to give them a try though, as my current host uses apache and it seems to bottleneck, esp. around 1:30am my time or it goes down for a few minutes to over an hour. I still like them a lot though for their teck support which is very fast, usually within 15 minutes. It is a ticket system, and one thing about that, is that you really have to be clear in details, or they will ask for more details. LOL

    • Brent says:

      Go give them a try if you really want LiteSpeed. I noticed they reply much faster to tickets than forum queries so maybe you should open up a sales ticket ;) They always go out of their way to offer assistance; they helped me sort out problems with 3rd party apps (like CloudFlare) before.

      Yeah one thing about tickets is you have to provide as much details as you can for them to be able to help you. But it wouldn’t be any different from live chat or phone support if the response time is almost immediate. ;)

  7. Ana says:

    I was planning to open a new site (simple wordpress site, plugins at minimum and a couple of themes at most) and was torn between MDDHosting, Stablehost and CrocWeb.
    Based on your experience, which one of the first two is better? Or it’s just a toss up?

    • Brent says:

      I find MDD better support-wise. They respond faster and resolve issues more efficiently. It’s a toss up as far as performance is concerned.

      • Ana says:

        I often have to use support, so I think my choice now is only between MDD and CrocWeb.
        Thanks you for your suggestion.

      • Ana says:

        After long debating, I went with MDDHosting (because they offer LiteSpeed); I’m still waiting for DNS propagation – who’ll be over in a few hours – then I’ll start workin on my site, but first I already do have to give kudos to Micheal Denney who replied to all my dumb pre-sale questions with the utmost courtesy and patience. If that’s the level support, I foresee a long and very pleasurable stay with MDDHosting.

  8. the Q says:

    I looked at monstermegs vs. mddhosting and despite the price of ~160 for the shared plan i was looking at compared to mdd’s ~200 comparable plan, I am leaning towards mddhosting b/c of their spamexpert option. love the idea of protecting site from spam related issues AND that they provide spf and dkim options for email accounts. gooooood bye 1and1! :)

  9. Vlad Stafford says:

    I kinda used MDD Hosting a few years ago for a clients website, but thanks to this article, I have decided to try them again and got there reseller plan.

  10. Owen says:

    Do you still recommend MDD? I need to get out of this Arvixe nightmare!

    • ReviewHell ReviewHell says:

      MDDHosting is definitely still recommended. They will take good care of you. Let us know how things go for you and best of luck moving on from the Arvixe nightmare.

    • mczu says:

      lol, I am Arvixe customer.., at first 3 month everything went smooth.., and after 5 month, I want to buy another hosting plan with them again but this time, I see everything is change… so many thing on their plan has been remove.. and their chat support turn out to be same as other bad hosting.. they also remove asian datacenter and only provide Dallas server… I was so upset, I might thinking to take my current hosting and move on… but I don’t think MDD is good for me, its a bit expensive…, I prefer A2 or fastcomet, do check them out

  11. shail says:

    I am goin to use them . Buying out a reseller account from them …lets see how it goes …

  12. mczu says:

    the site doesn’t offer as much as A2 hosting offer, and a bit expensive for share hosting, this site maybe same as orange hosting, siteground and inmotion… it was good, but overall is ok

  13. wormcake says:

    can we have an update on the uptime please? I just looked at their pingdom link they give for the last week… it did not seem impressive at all… but it’s hard to say b/c there is no detail, just 3 categories (green = no issue, yellow = “minor issue?, red= down). They had one day just this week (2-24-16 I think?) that had all servers listed as having an issue, and things were pretty patchy elsewhere, don’t know what to make of that, but that actually kept me from pulling the trigger tonight… I guess I’ll keep shopping.

  14. arvexed no more says:

    I signed up with MDDHosting in 2015, and have posted my initial review and followups in the comments on this page: https://www.reviewhell.com/blog/eig-arvixe-alternatives/

  15. Daniel Kamman says:

    I learned about MDD from this reviewhell review. Several more-recent reviews on other websites were also positive. About a week ago I signed up, through the reviewhell link, at MDD. I asked MDD to transfer a client’s website from an EIG web host that used to be great both in performance and in around-the-clock email-and-ticket support.

    I made the transfer because recent support at the EIG host was bad and because the server my client’s WordPress website was on was having problems that were lasting many hours, with no end in sight.

    The transfer was incomplete, apparently because of the EIG host’s server problems. MDD support did a great job getting the website up on MDD, including quickly working with to give me access to the WordPress admin. Emails from two MDD support people were quick, detailed, clear, and helpful.

    I plan to move other websites to MDD. Thanks bigtime to reviewhell!

  16. Kinda wanna do some small sites, and this hosts looks cool.. (as long as its not expensive as f x)

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