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Yet Another Reason Why MDDHosting is Awesome


At around 3 am EST yesterday, my brother and I were working on one of our sites when we experienced sudden slowness. We couldn’t publish articles, we couldn’t update pages, we couldn’t do anything productive at all. This was very unusual so we decided to wait it out a bit. A couple minutes passed and we were going to check again but to our surprise, the site was down! In fact, we found out all the sites in our account (including Review Hell) were down!

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Claiming Review Hell on Technorati

I’ve been meaning to do this since last month but I’ve only had the time to do so now. Here you go, Technorati bot: C8MCBYH8SRRN

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Writing an In-depth Web Hosting Guide

I’m currently writing a web hosting guide for newbies. I really hope it’s going to help new people out there, especially those who aren’t tech savvy.

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Review Hell Launching Soon!

Site will be up very soon. We’re looking at a maximum of 2 weeks from now, so stay tuned!

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