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How to Start a WordPress Blog: A Guide to Themes, Plugins, Hosting and More!


WordPress has long been the world’s most popular content management system. However, while today it can be used to power virtually any nature of website, WordPress began as a simple blogging platform. Even now, more and more blogs are being built using WordPress.

The question is, how do you build a blog using WordPress? Are there any special considerations that you must keep in mind? Simply put, what is needed when you intend to start a blog with WordPress?

If you have ever faced such questions, this page will answer them all. We will now discuss how to successfully start a blog using WordPress.

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How to Migrate from to Self-Hosted WordPress – A Step-by-Step Guide!

image is a great way to start a blog or website with ease. You do not have to worry about web hosting, security, or other things that come associated with hosting your own WordPress site. However, at times, you might need to migrate from to self-hosted WordPress website.

The reasons for such a migration from to self-hosted WordPress installation can vary. With that said, how can you migrate from to self-hosted WordPress? This guide will offer a step-by-step explanation of how to do it.

But first, let us discuss when and why you would need to migrate from to self-hosted WordPress.

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WordPress Maintenance Tips: Easy Ways to Keep WordPress Running Smoothly


WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System. Used by nearly a quarter of the web, WordPress powers a wide variety of websites and blogs nowadays. You can build eCommerce stores, blogs, corporate sites, portfolio projects, and a lot more with WordPress.

However, to keep your WordPress website in good health, you need to take certain steps every now and then. Over time, WP installations tend to get bloated and this can affect the performance of your website. In this article, we will be discussing some simple WordPress maintenance tips to help you keep your WP site working well.

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Introducing Gutenberg – The New Editor in WordPress


WordPress powers millions of websites and blogs on the internet. Over the course of years, WordPress has seen many new features, interfaces and code fixes. That said, one particular thing has remained more or less constant — the WordPress editor.

However, recently, all of that was revamped and totally changed. Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor, has replaced the older TinyMCE editor. Going forward, starting from WordPress 5.0 itself, Gutenberg is the default editor in WordPress.

Well, what exactly is this Gutenberg and should WordPress users be concerned about it? How does it differ from the older WP editor? More importantly, does it have anything new to offer or is it just a bunch of subtle changes to the TinyMCE editor?

This article will clear the confusion surrounding Gutenberg and also offer some practical insight and advice related to the new WordPress editor.

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WordPress Hardening and Security Ideas


It is common knowledge by now that WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). There are endless types of websites out there that use WordPress, such as eCommerce stores, corporate sites, portfolio projects, and obviously blogs.

However, being the most popular kid on the block also means WordPress is targeted by malicious users and hackers. WordPress by itself is not inherently insecure. In fact, it is a robust and reliable CMS. However, since it powers over a quarter of the internet, WordPress is obviously the de facto prime target for malicious attacks.

So, if you are running a WordPress website, how do you secure it? In this article, we will be taking a look at some useful tips for hardening and securing your WordPress websites and blogs.

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Is Managed WordPress Hosting Really Worth The Price?


For the past few years, managed WordPress hosting has risen in popularity. There are various managed WordPress hosts that claim to offer, among other things, additional help with WordPress websites such as troubleshooting as well as security and maintenance services.

To make up for the extra bit of services being offered by such hosts in addition to web hosting, the pricing goes up, and a hosting configuration that might otherwise be available for $10 per month at a decent shared web host becomes $25 per month at a managed WordPress host.

Question is, are managed WordPress hosts worth the money? Does it make sense to host your WordPress website with a host that promises to take extra care of it? More importantly, are such claims of “managed” hosting really true, or are these just another marketing buzzword, much like “unlimited” web hosting?

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