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A Simple Tip on How to Find the Best Web Host


Stop Googling the search term “best web host”!

Yes, you read that right. It might seem confusing at first but this tip is actually one of the most effective tips when it comes to looking for a web hosting provider. If you constantly find yourself switching from one web host to another, then it must mean you haven’t found the best web host for you just yet.

In case you didn’t know, most of the web hosting industry’s big players (who don’t care about their clients at all) target newbies or uninformed people so they could maybe get away with their crappy service. What do most newbies search for? “best web hosting”, “top web hosting”, and similar search terms. In turn, those keywords are what the “bad” companies target and unfortunately, a lot of people fall for this shady tactic.

Truth is, there is no single best web host out there. It all boils down to your own requirements and how the company handles your needs and concerns. The best way to find the right web host for you is to know what resources/features you need, search for hosts that offer those, then read legit reviews about them. After that, try to contact the hosts through their live chat or ticket system. Ask questions, then evaluate the response time and of course quality of the response. Once you’ve done that, choose which host you think you’re going to be most comfortable with and sign up with them.

Remember to always sign up for just a month first. Try their service before committing to a long term “contract.” You can always opt to change to another billing cycle when you’re sure you’re happy with the service you’re getting! If you want to signup for a long term “contract” instead of going monthly in-order to get a better price make sure the web hosting company offers a money back guarantee period. Some web hosts even do pro-rated refunds should you decide to cancel your plan. Either way, monthly or long term, make sure you have a way out if you’re not satisfied.

For more guidance on finding a web hosting provider please read Review Hell’s comprehensive web hosting guide for newbies. Don’t worry, it’s written in plain English so it won’t bore you to death.

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