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Is the new .host TLD worth it?


First off, forgive me for the irregular blog posting activity. I’d post everyday or every other day but I just can’t find the time to do so. That aside, here’s big(?) news in the web hosting industry: the .host TLD is now available for public registration! For more information, check out the registry’s official website:

To be honest I don’t think this TLD is worth spending money in. It’s all hype. It’s just going to end up in the dust bin like most other “niche TLDs” such as .careers, .technology, .guru, etc. I feel that a .com/.net/.org could give a business a much stronger online presence than these new TLDs, and for a cheaper price at that.

Here’s something interesting from’s homepage:


Right. I don’t agree with the illustration above. Not even one bit. I mean doesn’t even make sense for HostMonster because it will just create confusion around their brand. What’s worse is, that’s not even my main point. We all know that most people are accustomed to typing .com. We’ve been doing so for years after all. In fact, when I was typing’s URL for the more info link, I mistyped it as!

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see any hope for these new TLDs, .host included, to be as strong as .com or even just .net/.org. The latter domain extensions have been around for DECADES and I don’t see these new (and sometimes inconveniently long) TLDs taking over any time soon.

I think getting a .host domain would only be logical if you have a high-profile brand to protect. Otherwise it’s not something you should bother yourself with. I’m willing to bet most large web hosting companies won’t even use a .host as their main domain. They’re simply going to get one to secure their name and then redirect it to their .com.

Your thoughts? Is the new .host TLD worth investing in, or is it just another domain extension you’ll pass on?

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3 responses to “Is the new .host TLD worth it?”

  1. Avatar Lucien says:

    In my humble domain owner’s opinion, these new domain names are useless: the average users always go for purchasing the classic TDLs for their websites, and see all these new ones as not only second choice but second rate as well; Google and search engines follow users, and don’t put these domains on top of their results.
    For example, I came across a new hosting service using the *.Host domain, while browsing Twitter yesterday; none of my three iPad browsers recognized it as a domain until I typed “”, and behaved as if I was searching for those terms. Partially, it’s probably because the website was new, but in my view it also depended from the *.Host domain.

  2. Avatar Brent says:

    Agree. I believe “.” is considered a typo of space on most mobile devices/tablets it’s no surprise that “” was considered a search term for “xxxxx host” instead.

    • Avatar Lucien says:

      Yeah; it took a few days for Google to recognize that the *.Host suffix was an actual domain and list that hosting service in its results.

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