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HostGator’s Halloween Surprise: Downtime For Days!


Two days ago, HostGator announced that they were experiencing several issues on their servers, and that an emergency maintenance was required. More than 48 hours later, servers are still down and HostGator’s resellers are inevitably losing clients. Could this be HostGator’s Halloween treat for their clients?

I know a lot of web hosting resellers are being screwed by HostGator at this very moment and this situation isn’t funny at all, but I’d like to take this opportunity to make more people realize the truth about HostGator. They’ve been bought by Endurance International Group (EIG) two years ago and their service has gone downhill eversince.

They no longer care about the quality of service they’re providing. They no longer value their clients and their clients’ businesses. They are no longer the brilliant company they once were.

Read my HostGator review to know more about my horrible experience with them.

Dead servers, inaccessible websites, furious clients, lost income. While service interruptions and other issues have eventually become a norm with HostGator, it seems this incompetent company didn’t fail to give their resellers one hell of a nightmarish experience this Halloween.

If you want to be spared from hosting nightmares such as this, avoid HostGator at all costs. If you’re currently with HostGator, now’s the best time to switch to a reliable web hosting provider and NEVER look back!

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