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Sorry, You Just Lost a Potential Client


I was browsing Reddit and I came across a very interesting story. It seems a guy had his web hosting account terminated for tweeting about a downtime issue!

It sounds ridiculous because it’s common practice for users to use social media to communicate with their host during downtimes and such. This is the first time I’ve heard of a host do something as crazy as this, it makes me feel like the entire operation is run by kids (or maybe by a kid, as it’s highly likely that it’s a one man show).

Here’s the background of the story summed up in two pictures.

Client posts a tweet asking about the downtime and why there weren’t any notices:


Web host felt they were violated in some way and decides to terminate the client’s account instead of trying to work with the client in a professional manner:

Text in the image not readable? Read it below:

Hello [name],

This message is to serve as a notification that your account will be terminated from our network on or by February 2nd 2014. You will be given a full refund as well. If you have any questions or concerns, why not take them up with twitter as opposed to trying to contact the company directly. (I hope you detect the hint of sarcasm).

Best of business to you,
Mike Hobgood

Interestingly, I actually had plans to sign up with WiredWebWork to try their reseller plan. They allow for any number of accounts and that’s something I really need, because my clients’ needs vary widely. Their setup is way better than being limited to 10 cPanel accounts and 10gb space when most of my clients don’t even use up half the resources allocated to them.

I’ve inquired about this some time ago and I was going to open an account with them this month, but unfortunately this story happened! I was disappointed of course. But this issue gave me the opportunity to have a much closer look at the company and I don’t think I’d regret the decision of not signing up with them.

I’m not sure mhobgood on Reddit is legit or just a troll, but if he’s indeed the Mike Hobgood of WiredWebWork then he isn’t fit to be a business owner at all.

If you all want to decide who to hosts on your networks why don’t you go open your own business?

For someone to send out a public tweet rather than attempting to deal with the company directly warrants this, and again, if you beg to differ, start your own hosting company.

Sean lets face it, your a struggling web designer and the sites were down for maybe an hour or two tops. You MAY, and I mean MAY have missed out on a crawl from a bot. lol.

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A host led by a person with this kind of attitude is definitely not a company I’d like to do business with. He clearly has a lot of things to work on and I don’t want to waste my time being “experimented on” by some guy who doesn’t seem to know how to run a business. Heck, he can’t even proofread his site’s content…


Talk about being unprofessional at the highest level.

Sorry WiredWebWork, you just lost a potential client. Not that it matters to you anyway!

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3 responses to “Sorry, You Just Lost a Potential Client”

  1. Avatar Mo says:

    I came across that same article, I’m in the market for 2 dedicated servers and a resellers account (Migrating away from the empty shell of hostgator) and now will steer clear of WiredWebWorks. still looking, on my short list is rackspace, sitegrounds and aspiration hosting, who did you end up going with?

    • Avatar Brent says:

      Well I currently have a reseller account with stablehost, although I’m not really a fan of the limited number of accounts. I might just upgrade/purchase a new reseller account from them for more account slots.

      I wouldn’t really recommend SiteGround at this point. I do have an account with them (been with them for half a month as of now) and so far I am not that impressed with their service. Not bad, but not very good either.

  2. Avatar Joe Ernest says:

    Stablehost: cheap, slow and VERY HORRIBLE and STUPID primitive support

    Siteground: lyer with price and not better than Stablehost.

    Don’t use Stablehost!

    Don’t use Siteground!

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