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Great Web Hosting Deals – January 2014


Here’s a small collection of great web hosting deals/promo codes which are still active at the moment. I’ve considered the quality of service so no need to worry about getting crappy service just because “it’s cheap.”

Note that these aren’t new promos nor are they exclusive for January 2014 only.


MDDHosting 50% discount on your first invoice
I can’t praise the guys over at MDDHosting enough. This very site is hosted by them and I believe you wouldn’t go wrong with choosing them as your web host. Their service is exceptional and getting half the price off your bill would be a steal!

50% OFF
Promo End Date: Unknown
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StableHost 50% discount on your first invoice
StableHost is an A+ host and I don't think anyone should miss on this amazing deal. 50% off is such a great offer considering their prices are already low -- not to mention thye provide quality hosting services.

50% OFF
Promo End Date: Unknown
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GeekStorage 30% recurring discount
GeekStorage is a reputable host and if you're considering them, don't forget to use the following coupon as getting 30% off your bill FOR LIFE is something you shouldn't pass on.

CrocWeb 20% discount on your first invoice
CrocWeb has been a target of massive DDOS attacks lately, but they've worked hard to fix the issue and they're now offering 3 months of free hosting to all the affected clients. I can safely say that CrocWeb is a responsible hosting company and should you wish to try them out, you should use the coupon below to get a 20% discount.

20% OFF
Promo End Date: Unknown
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