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WebHostFace Review

Posted by Review Hell
Last updated on Jun 27, 2017

WebHostFace is a fairly new web hosting company. I think they started last year but they have quickly proved themselves in the web hosting industry — they’ve clearly shown that they are a solid web hosting provider. Read on to find out why!

My brother Chris and I were looking for a shared host to store a few sites in development for our local clients. Of course we could work on those sites locally (as in, a local machine), but obviously having them in a live environment is better. We decided to sign up with WebHostFace to give these projects a home and to try this new host at the same time.

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WebHostFace Team: A Committed Bunch of People

Before signing up, we requested for an Asian server but unfortunately that wasn't available at the time. However, we were told the account would be transferred for free once they finished setting up their servers in Asia. We were absolutely okay with this, but after being with them for a while something unexpected happened... Don't worry, it's a positive thing! We received an email saying our account was moved to an Asian server and everything went smooth. They also kept a copy of our account on the old servers for two days to make sure the site doesn't experience any downtime due to the DNS propagation process.

This says a lot about their level of support and their commitment to providing quality services. They take note of each client's requests, and they actually deliver. I've been with a lot of hosts and to tell you the truth, most of the time I'd have to follow-up with the host regarding requests like this. Definitely not the case with WebHostFace!

Another thing I'd like to note is their availability through live chat. There's almost always someone there, and they're very helpful and friendly. There was one time live chat wasn't available and we had to submit a ticket to get our issue fixed. A support rep got back to us in 30 minutes with a detailed response. 30 minutes is an okay response time. Well I've seen better, but 30 minutes isn't that bad either especially when you get clear and detailed answers to your questions.

Reliable Network

WebHostFace has servers in the US, Europe, and Asia. All our sites (in development) are on their Singapore servers and the speed is more than acceptable. FTP is blazing fast and we've got no complaints in site loading times. Since we use our WebHostFace account for clients in Asia, they are able to load their sites with minimal waiting times. For small/medium business sites, server location generally doesn't matter, but I don't see why saving a few milliseconds would hurt!

The Downside: Pricing Structure

There's one thing I can't praise WebHostFace for, and that's their regular pricing. As of this writing, they currently have a summer sale so you can get 80% off on any shared hosting plan. We all know that sales and promos don't last forever though, so let's continue on with my opinion on their web hosting rates.

With their Face Standard plan ($6.90 per month), you can get 15GB of space and unmetered bandwidth but you can only host one domain. That's a big turn-off because 15GB is a lot and I'd want to be able to maximize the space by hosting a couple of domains (3 to 5 maybe?) on one account. On top of that you'd have to pay $29.95 per year if you want daily backups. A lot of other decent providers provide these backups for free so I don't quite understand why they'd have to charge people that much. (UPDATE: R1Soft daily backups are now free on all plans!)

Their Face Extra plan allows clients to host unlimited domains, but the price is near the price of a decent reseller account. It's $10.90 per month for 20GB space, unlimited domains, free SSH access, and free daily backups. Everything else is pretty much the same with their standard plan so I don't think it would be practical to upgrade to the Face Extra plan unless you really want to host multiple domains on a shared hosting account with WebHostFace.

Final Verdict

We've had an account with WebHostFace since late January this year and overall we're happy with the service. Aside from a short network issue (not their fault, it was a datacenter problem) which made our sites slow and sometimes inaccessible, everything's been real smooth thus far.

The only thing I don't like about WebHostFace is their pricing structure. Sure, their service may be worth the premium especially if you're a beginner who needs live chat support every now and then... but in all honesty, paying $6.90 per month to host just one domain is not practical. I can name other equally great hosts who have better rates. Although WebHostFace does run promos, so check out our WebHostFace coupons page so you don't miss out on those so you can get a hosting account for a really good price!

WebHostFace proved that it doesn't always matter how long a company has been around. They could be around for 10 years and provide really poor service. Or they could be around for only a year or so, but strive to make all their customers satisfied. Web hosting companies which fit the latter description are very rare, and I'm glad I'm able to say that WebHostFace is one of those.

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11 responses to “WebHostFace Review”

  1. Ana says:

    I signed up with WebHostFace yesterday evening; I have been considering them for a while, and your review (along with the special offer) was the final endorsement.
    I’ll post a follow-up in a couple of months to tell how it’s going.

    • Brent says:

      Cool, glad I helped you pick a host in some way. Please do post an update in a few months.

      • Ana says:

        It’s been about 4 months since I signed up with WebHostFace, and I couldn’t be happier: my site is always up and loads quickly; I’m very stisfied.
        Also, last week I changed my primary domain, and everything was handled very professionally and more: the change was done on the LiveChat; a rep came online in a couple of minutes, and stayed online with me for the whole process…free of charge, of course.

  2. Mark says:

    any coupons?

  3. I’m loving this company. They are earnest, intelligent, talented, knowledgeable, conscious, caring, smart, and very customer service aware. The price is worth it. I had one of those cheapie hosting companies, and you get what you pay for. I didn’t even realize what was missing in my CPanel in the old host until I saw what was available with WebHostFace. When I had a website meltdown and very little in the way of support from my old host, I went looking for quality over price. If you run your business from your website, it’s very much worth it to pay $9 a month to host it! That’s one Starbucks latte, isn’t it?

    I had had it with too much down time and too much waiting around for responses to my tickets. So I took the plunge and signed up with WebhostFace. Ok – now get this: within TEN MINUTES I had a phone call from Stefan in Support to see how he could help me with my new account. TEN MINUTES! Then he took as long as I needed to patiently walk me through the migration and setup. I was shocked and pleased. They say you never get a chance to make a second First Impression. My first, and every impression since signing up with them last month has been very positive.

    Furthermore, I’m a Boomer. My generation has been making a lot of negative noise about the Millenials. This company is made up of bright and entrepreneurial Millenials who get it. They understand commitment and customer service. I want to see them stay in business for a long time. I just hope they are able to maintain the level of service they are giving now. They are like the old Apple Computer teams who really gave a damn. Long may they fly.

    • Brent says:

      Glad you’re happy with them!

      I fully agree that paying a few dollars more for quality hosting is very well worth it. WebHostFace’s network and support are top notch. This fact alone makes their company worth spending extra $$ on. However, I still think their plans could use some improvement especially since there are other excellent hosts around who offer a bit more features for slightly less. :)

  4. Kevin says:

    Hmm.. I’m a bit on the fence with their live chat I’ve had with them. It didn’t feel very genuine, I felt more like a potential sale rather then a customer needing help. I had one fairly simple question and it took about 12 lines of text and 1 transfer just to get to my question (mostly, “hi how are you? good to hear, are you really interested in our shared hosting?”. I really wish they just went straight to the point and answered my question. Is there such a thing as too nice?

  5. Mark says:

    I still have an account with WebHostFace, but I’ve moved the site I had with them. My site was down for more than twelve hours one day. I only found out it was down because I happened to get online just to get a look at it. They weren’t proactive in letting me know. The support people were always great, but I can’t afford those kinds of outages.

  6. Wyatt Baldwin says:

    This is an Unethical and dishonest company. They will not accept a cancellation of services and will renew without your consent. They delete help desk chats. They will also suspend your account without communicating it. Very unprofessional. They have sent me an email saying services were canceled and I should receive a chargeback only to offer store credit.

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