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Fresh Roasted Hosting

Fresh Roasted Hosting Review

Posted by Review Hell
Last updated on Aug 11, 2015

Fresh Roasted Hosting is a Pennsylvania-based web hosting company founded in 2012. Although they’ve been around for quite some time now, I first learned about them in late 2013 through the WebHostingTalk forums. Fresh Roasted Hosting gets recommended a lot over at WHT. Moreover, their WHT representative, FRH Lisa, is very friendly and helpful to other members. This made me want to check them out and try their service. After going over their different hosting plans and rates, I decided get a shared hosting account.

Sign-up Issues and FRH's Fast Response

Last June, I got my brother Chris to sign up with Fresh Roasted Hosting. We registered the account under his name because we were going to use the account for his side projects, and maybe for some of our own client accounts later on should we decide to get a reseller account with them. We couldn't complete the sign-up process because their system had problems accepting our payment. We contacted support and the issue was resolved in less than an hour -- fast compared to most other hosts who could take as much as one whole day to sort out billing issues!

Awesome Service and Great Support!

Everything's been smooth after the initial account setup. We use an uptime monitor and so far, no downtimes have been reported for our sites hosted on Fresh Roasted Hosting's servers. We've been with Fresh Roasted Hosting for more than two months now and we've got no real complaints.

We did have a small issue regarding speed. Our WordPress uploads kept timing out for no apparent reason and we asked support about this. It wasn't a problem on their end so they suggested that we contact WordPress about it. The issue seemed to have fixed itself after a day or two though so we don't really know what caused that.

One more thing I'd like to mention here is there could be times that support won't be able to get back to you quickly. Their response time is generally fast but I guess things like this are inevitable when you're dealing with a small company. We had an issue with adding a new domain and we had to wait for hours to get an update from FRH. We got the feeling that only two or three people were handling everything from sales to support. When they got back to us, they made sure our issue was taken care of, so no real biggie here... and on top of that, they compensated us for the trouble! We got one month worth of hosting credits because they said they didn't like to keep their customers waiting. To be honest I think this is more than enough compensation for a non-urgent problem, but this just shows how much they care for their clients. :)

Despite the minor issues, I can say that their hosting service is great and support is commendable.

Final Verdict

Overall, Fresh Roasted Hosting is a great host. I would recommend them to anyone who's looking for a host that offers a reliable service and has a helpful and very friendly support team.

Before I end this review, I'd like to share an excerpt from Fresh Roasted Hosting's about page:

Anybody can set up some used servers in their basement and host websites on the cheap.  And just like that cheap cup of coffee, you’ll get what you pay for.  So if you think of cheap web hosts as gas station coffee, then we’re a mug of joe from your favorite neighborhood coffee roaster.  We start with high-end enterprise-class hardware, custom-built for web hosting.  We add a blend of tier 1 carriers and redundant power and cooling systems.  And we back it all up with friendly, professional support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This is so true. Fresh Roasted Hosting may not be as cheap as your "$3.95/month for UNLIMITED EVERYTHING web host," but they are way ahead those cheap unlimited hosts when it comes to service and support quality. Although they're a small company, it's very obvious that the guys over at Fresh Roasted Hosting actually care for their clients -- and I believe that's one of the most important things in web hosting.

Fresh Roasted Hosting Review Updates

New ownership, June outage, and improvements at FRH.
On March 4th, 2015 Fresh Roasted Hosting was sold to Cloud Equity Group. The founder of FRH, Dave Sheranko is still a senior member of FRH management team.

The Latte Outage: On June 20th, 2015 the server I was on (Latte) experienced a major outage lasting days due to a corrupt file system. FRH offered to move me to a temporary account on a different server the first night of the outage so my site could be back online. I chose to wait it out but did end up taking them up on moving me to a different node. Long story short, they worked tirelessly to manually repair the corrupt file system and were able to recover 100% of the data. They also made good on the promise of free account upgrades and hosting credits for those affected by downtime. I talked with the owner Sean Frank and he was very involved during the outage. FRH may not be the original Mom (Lisa) and Pop (Dave) operation but this is still a small group of dedicated system admins/helpful people (Sean, Kevin, Dave, Aaron, Paul, and Matt). The Latte outage was a low point for Fresh Roasted Hosting but they now have continuous data protection backup services on all of their plans and with the major infrastructure upgrades completed I think the future looks good at Fresh Roasted Hosting.

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13 responses to “Fresh Roasted Hosting Review”

  1. Alex says:

    I think its time to revisit and review “Fresh Roasted Hosting” again. Thr hosting is nothing short than pathetic.
    Have a look at the uptimeRobot stats of my site http://www.uberways.com

    • ReviewHell says:

      FRH had problems earlier this Summer which I mentioned in the updates section at the end of this review. I haven’t had any downtime in months. I’m on their Americano server, what server are you on? I see you are getting 500 Internal Server Error’s as the reason for your website’s downtime. What does FRH support say about the 500 Internal Server Errors? Thank you for your feedback Alex.

      • Alex says:

        I complained to their customer care and reinstated my site. Reason given to me was some bad script on a website on the same server. The fact is that the site remained down for more than 8 hours and it came back after I complained, till then no one noticed.

        It’s more than 50 hours now. The site is up and running and I’ll keep a tab for few more days before working on the site.


  2. William says:

    I agree with alex, I think you should revisit about FRH reviews, one of my team just bought Enterprise Reseller account, but my order is marked as abuse, so I sent ticket to resolve this problem, after 5 hours there is no answer from FRH, this is make me doubt about FRH, and not good for who just start hosting business with reseller account.

    For the best support is I still choose MonsterMegs, but MonsterMegs is paranoid hosting because too many restriction, too tough for newbie, but I’m still use MonsterMegs because I love what customer support do, less than 1 hour I can resolve the problem.

    • ReviewHell says:

      Sounds like the order was automatically screened/flagged in WHMCS. An abuse dept ticket created late Saturday night might not get a response for a while because unlike technical support, sales/billing departments aren’t a 24/7 operation with a lot of hosts. Best of luck William.

      • William says:

        I should not talking here, ticket is the best way for my problem and I will make some review again, maybe next week or next month.

        Thank you

      • FreshRoasted Hosting says:

        Hi William! Please note that our abuse department is staffed 24/7. As such, you may experience slightly longer than usual response times when submitting tickets there outside of normal business hours. In reviewing the ticket, it does look like our team has gotten you all sorted out and to your satisfaction. Can you please confirm?

      • William says:

        Yup, and you give me free 1 month and domain!
        What amazing is that!!
        I never thought that you will give me compensation like that, really I just want to buy and make small business with my reseller package.
        I only pay $10 for this month, and this is for rent several dedicated IP address.
        I hope I will satisfied with FRH, because I have plan to change my billing cycle, I want yearly, I will discus this in ticket :)

        Ohh, screenshot of my payment, of course this is ReviewHell “Brutally Honest Web Hosting Reviews”.
        I will post it too with a little censor for my privacy, this is proof that I only pay for additional IP.

        Thank you FRH!

      • FreshRoasted Hosting says:

        Glad to hear that you’re happy with things thus far! We appreciate your business and look forward to helping you grow your new company :)

      • William says:

        I can’t believe I bought 2 reseller account for 1 year each one, because I can’t wait until the end of trial (free 1 month), so I’m not worry again about invoice, just focus to my clients.
        Thank you FRH :)

  3. Owen says:

    I ‘inherited’ Fresh-Roasted from my previous provider Beachcomber Creations. Although I’m sometimes bothered by the occasional blacklisting of my email account by other carriers, this is more than made-up for by the very quick support responses I get. I have real conversations with the people actually working to fix a situation, and more often than not the whole issue is resolved within just a couple of hours. The services are great, but best of all is the responsiveness of support.

  4. Julie says:

    Like the person above we ‘inherited’ Fresh Roasted Hosting from our previous provider Beachcomber Creations. FRH’s customer support is excellent – friendly and efficient, any issues are resolved within very reasonable time frame. Server speed and up time are both good. We use our server for software development work, and one thing we particularly appreciate is that FRH try to accommodate our requests for enabling certain features etc. where they can (given that it is a shared hosting environment not every request can be met, naturally).
    They also continue to honour the original yearly price we signed up for through Beachcomber.

  5. RAUL says:

    Our experience with Fresh Roasted Hosting has been always great.

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