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VeeroTech 30% Off For Life Coupon

VeeroTech has a 30% off coupon that is valid on any of their shared or reseller hosting plans. The 30% discount is recurring for the life of your account. Use the promo code below to get this deal.

30% Off
Promo End Date: 1 January 2018
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8 responses to “VeeroTech 30% Off For Life Coupon”

  1. Ana says:

    Discount is valid only if you choose the US servers; it’s not valid for the UK location.

  2. Jonathan says:

    And why is Veerotech not reviewed or Ranked here?

    • ReviewHell says:

      I know Jonathan they should be and will be.

      • Jonathan says:

        Cool. Thanks for the quick reply. I just signed up with the 30% discount and my only small gripe is that the basic plan is limited to 5 sites. I do see how that helps me as well by keeping others from taking advantage and slowing down other sites.

      • VeeroTech says:

        >>my only small gripe is that the basic plan is limited to 5 sites

        Hello there – just came across this and wanted to see if we could help you out in terms of the “5 sites” – would you mind getting in touch with us via a ticket in our sales department? We recently ran an upgrade discount promotion for current customers & based on that I can see what we can do to either get you an upgrade OR a few more sites on your hosting plan.

  3. Chris says:

    Do you have an updated coupon code? Thanks!

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