Why Review Hell is Different


There are possibly thousands of web hosting review sites out there, but what makes Review Hell different? I’ve already explained the main reason on the about page but here are some more in case you’re still not satisfied.

1. I only review web hosts which I’ve actually used.

Whether it’s for my own sites or for my clients’, I make it to a point that I experience ACTUAL SERVICE from the provider before I post a review about their company. This means no speculations and definitely no made up stories.

2. I review hosts only after I’ve spent a justifiable amount of time using their service.

“I’ve been a client for an hour and I haven’t heard from any of their support staff – so I immediately asked for a refund and left that horrible host.” Nope, not here. Before I say something about a host, I make sure I experience a consistent level of service, regardless if it’s good or bad. I don’t base my reviews on one-time events which may be mere coincidences.

3. I don’t base my ratings on irrelevant things.

“Oh, their support reps are Indian, they must suck.” “They misspelled a word on their website, surely they aren’t professional!” I’ve actually heard those racist remarks from some people. I can say that I’m mature enough to disregard any cultural differences and I certainly wouldn’t judge a host based on a very minor, unintended mistake.

4. I understand that no matter how good a host is, there are things that are inevitable…

…like hardware failure, power outages, etc. So I don’t judge based on just one unfortunate event. If one of my sites go down, I wouldn’t outright call a provider “unreliable” without even knowing what caused the problem, or if it was actually a scheduled downtime. Rather I would see how they handle the situation and how well they communicate with their clients.

5. I write unbiased reviews.

Some review sites or blogs out there sell reviews for a fixed rate. A lot of those and give 100% ratings to companies who pay them to write reviews. I don’t accept payments or any other kind of incentives for what I write. Every review on this site is based on actual and uninfluenced experiences with different providers.

6. I try to resolve issues with the host before posting negative things about them.

There are people who post irrational reviews on forums and review sites without even contacting the host about the problem they experienced. That’s not fair to the host at all. I guess people should be reminded once in a while about the existence of support tickets.

7. I don’t hold a grudge against any hosting provider.

People who aren’t that “literate” when it comes to internet marketing and the web hosting industry wouldn’t know that there are some people who deliberately publish negative reviews about hosting companies just to get even with the owner or an employee. I don’t really hate anyone, so there’s no reason for me to do that. Plus it’s certainly not an ethical thing to do!

8. I don’t have my own hosting company.

This point is similar to number 7, in a way. Some review sites are owned by hosting companies and (of course) they rate their own company as A+. And if you haven’t guessed it yet, they also intentionally publish negative reviews just to damage their competitors’ reputation. I don’t know why some people could go that low, but that’s how it is in every industry! Trust me when I say I have no intentions of ruining someone else’s reputation for my own personal gains.

I do own reseller web hosting accounts where I host some of my local clients’ websites, but this hosting service is NOT advertised and is NOT available to anyone other than my local clients.

9. I rate hosts based on the quality of their service, not their commission payouts.

I’m doing this to help people, not to make money off of them. ‘Nuff said.

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