Uploading Your Website

There are several ways to upload your website, but what we’ll tackle here is the use of an FTP client to copy your files into the host’s server.

Using Your FTP Client

What you need to do first is download an FTP client such as FileZilla. Once you’ve downloaded and installed it, run the program and you will see the following window:


Host Field

You should put yourdomain.com (or sometimes ftp.yourdomain.com) here. If your DNS hasn’t propagated yet, use the temporary FTP hostname that was provided in the welcome email.

Username and Password Fields

FTP accounts are created through cPanel, but you may use your main cPanel username and password combination to access FTP.

Port Field

You can leave this blank unless you’ve been given a specific port number to enter.

Click the Quickconnect button. Once you’re connected you should see your server’s files/folders on the right side of the window and your computer’s files on the other side.

FileZilla connected

Go to the public_html directory and just drag and drop your files from the left side to the right side. You should see that there’s now an upload queue.

Upload Queue

Once the upload process is complete, you should then be able to view your site by going to yourdomain.com. If you upload to public_html/folder, you can view/access all the files in there by going to yourdomain.com/folder.

Uploading and Installing a CMS

A lot of web hosts offer one-click installations of various scripts such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. All you’d have to do is login to cPanel, find the Softaculous section and choose the script you want to install.


In case your host doesn’t offer this or you just prefer to install it manually, you’d have to download the files, upload them to your server using your FTP client, and run the installer script through your browser. You also have to make sure you setup the needed database for this to work!

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