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WeLoveServers Review

Posted by Review Hell
Last updated on Oct 10, 2014

While searching for a “small” host to use for some test projects, I came across an exclusive WeLoveServers promo on the WebHostingTalk forums. I found an amazing offer no one could refuse — 50GB of space and 1TB of bandwidth for $7 a year, or if you wanna save a few dollars you could go for the triennial payment plan which is $15 for 3 years!

Too Good To Be True?

That’s what I first thought. Guess what? I was right. I’ve been with WeLoveServers for half a year now and I’ve had nothing but troubles. Sometimes the loading speeds are fine, sometimes my sites won’t load at all. At least one hour of downtime is a norm and it seems like the WeLoveServers team doesn’t have any plans on fixing whatever issues their servers have.


April 17, 2014 – 11 hours of downtime IN ONE DAY
May 2014 – at least 13 hours of downtime
June 2014 – 4 hours of downtime (this figure is probably going to be more than 4 hours at the end of the month)

Even the stupidest person on earth would understand what the figures above mean. The downtimes WILL kill your online business so don’t host your important sites with WeLoveServers. Heck I wouldn’t even host a “serious” personal blog with them…


My cPanel shows I have 50GB of space and 1TB of bandwidth. I’ve only used around 800MB or 900MB of space so I’m not sure if I could really use as much as what I think I have. Too good to be true, maybe, but I wouldn’t say for sure unless I’ve actually tried uploading 50GB worth of website files and using up 1TB of bandwidth in a month. But I wouldn’t be able to use up that much bandwidth because the service is just too unreliable at this point… and this kind of hosting account isn’t for sites which can actually use up that much bandwidth anyway.

Inconsistent Support

There were times I sent in tickets and the support responded well. Props to their Vice President who always gave prompt and detailed answers to my questions.

However the above “good experience” can be completely overshadowed by cases where I got ridiculous answers and it was so obvious the support reps were just making things up. There was this one time I asked why my sites were always down and they said their “web server stopped and they had to start it again.” I was presented this excuse a couple times in one ticket and I thought their tech support team was just really incompetent. I never bothered contacting them again.

Final Verdict

I’ve been with them for around 6 months now and I would never use WeLoveServers for serious projects. The downtime is just unbearable and their support is too inconsistent to be of any help. The last time I contacted them, the conversation was going nowhere — it was a frustrating and hilarious experience. It was apparent the support rep was just making excuses so I never bothered again.

Last April, I had 11 hours of downtime in ONE DAY. Last month I experienced at least 3-4 hours of downtime per week for three consecutive weeks. And this June I already had 4 hours of downtime and it’s just the first week of June. Who knows how much more downtime I’m going to experience? At this point in time I couldn’t care less. I’m most probably not gonna renew next year even if it’s just for 7 bucks.

I think it would be fine to use WeLoveServers for small projects or test sites/sites under development. But if you care even one bit for your website then I strongly suggest that you skip this host and look for a better, much more reliable one.

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14 responses to “WeLoveServers Review”

  1. tom says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! now i know!

  2. takada says:

    Hi, I’m experiencing the exact same thing as of this post. The price was definitely too good to be true. I’m pretty appalled by the uptime.

    • Brent says:

      Yeah. Lately I’ve been getting email notifs EVERYDAY that my sites hosted on WeLoveServers are down. I say go find a new host and save yourself from the headaches. :)

      • angrycustomer says:

        I want to know if you still have the vps with them or if they solved the issue or you asked for a refund. I have 3 shitty vps with them and I just can’t use them because of whole days downtimes.

      • Brent says:

        I still have an account with them but like I said, I don’t give a shit anymore. I won’t be renewing.

  3. angrycustomer says:

    I’ve puchased three of their 256mb vps last month, and that was just a really big mistake…
    Downtime is an everyday headache, I have a monitoring service that tells me when a vps goes down, I have more vps from other comanies and when I purchased welove servers the emails just got backlisted because It was having lots of downtime daily.

    They are just useless, I can’t use them for anything because they just can go down for days!! Here the reports of one of my vps:

    Downtime: 2014/6/6 -> 16hours 33minutes

    Downtime: 2014/6/6 -> 3hours 10minutes

    and there are also whole day downtime:

    Downtime: 2014/6/13 -> 1day 22hours 11minutes

    Im going to ask for a refund, they announce 99%uptime and the last 30 days i’ve had 28,18% uptime

    Just DON’T purchase any of them, go to another comanies like 123systems I have a vps with them ultra cheap for a year and I just haven’t contacted support becase everything worked fine.

  4. Daniel Agoncillo says:

    I purchased a web hosting at weloveserver and it sucked. Their resources are way overloaded that you can barely connect to the sql database. And yes, they have a fast customer support but not a quality one. You will end up endless query without proper answer. They have inexperience and idiotic customer support.

    One time was when this sql problem. They just restarted the sql server and say that it will never happen again. And guess what? It still always happen.

    Again, their servers are poorly maintained and overloaded.

    Do not even bother trying it out, you wouldn’t finish anything. What they actually offer is cheap headache and high blood pressure.

    • Brent says:

      Yeah, it seems their only solution to every issue is to restart services. Then they make a ridiculous promise that the problem will never happen again but unfortunately that’s not the case.

  5. Ana says:

    No need to look, they are gone; Weloveservers.com redirects to Ioflood.com, a Dedicated provider. With prices like the ones in your review, it was to be expected.

  6. Daniel Agoncillo says:

    Hi, I was the one who gave a review about five months ago.. What I said back then was honest and true.. But Weloveservers.net is getting up of their bad reviews.

    Their hosting service is actually better with no errors or whatever after I posted a review. They also replaced some staff. A better one. Their staff actually fixes the issue now.. Well, let’s hope it stays that way and I might also recommend weloveservers to my friends now. Cheers

  7. WLS Joshua says:

    I myself am a employee of WeLoveServers and we have been seriously working on our shared/reseller hosting infrastructures – with investing in new servers which all have speedy SSD’s now installed.

    • Ana says:

      Words don’t mean anything…especially when they are only for damage control – up till now, 7 months later, I’ve only heard bad of WeLoveServers.

  8. Aacen says:

    Hello I am here to tell you about my horrid experience at WeLoveServers.NET. I personally can’t rate their hosting service due to my Debit Card somehow failing their fraud check (Which I don’t see how.) But anyways I could live with my Debit card being declined and not being able to use their services, however EVERYDAY they charged my Debit Card, even though it was declined and the invoice said unpaid. This caused massive complications with my bank (Alta One). Which ultimately led to me being locked out of MY BANK account (Perfect during the first of the month when bills are due PRICKS.) … I had to ask them to remove my debit card from their file because their system charged me everyday. Once I unlinked my card from their database my bank account soon became accessible. I ended up having to pay my bank $83 for fraud fees… THANKS WeHateCustomers and WeLoveMoney. Fuck you. And have a nice day.

    P.S. I can not actually rate their service they might be good, however their payment system is FUCKED! And I wouldn’t recommend jeopardizing your bank account access for something stupid. I struggled for a few weeks without access to my bank. THANKS!

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