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StableHost Review

Posted by Review Hell
Last updated on Jan 5, 2020

I’ve heard about StableHost many times in the past, but I never tried them until late 2013. I was skeptical at first because everyone raved about how great they were despite being “cheap.” I have no problem with people sharing their positive experiences but I thought something was fishy as their prices seemed too cheap for quality services. I decided to give them a go to find out what the catch was, and surprisingly, after two months of being with them, I found out that there was no catch!

First Impression: Impressed!

I planned to host several personal websites on StableHost but before I signed up, I first went to chat with their sales rep Amy. I was surprised how fast and helpful her replies were. I asked about hosting plan details, resource limits and other related stuff and I was satisfied with all the answers I got. Even with all my (sometimes redundant) questions, she was never rude to me unlike some big hosts’ sales reps who seem so uninterested and just copy-paste knowledgebase links then leave the chat without saying anything else. Rating for pre-sales: A+!

So I then proceeded with the sign up process and immediately opened a ticket to get them move my whole cPanel account from another host. Tech support was very responsive and my sites were transferred within an hour of signing up! The site transfer was smooth — Mau (tech support) was very helpful throughout the whole process.

Everything went well until I was locked out of my cPanel account since I entered the wrong password too many times. I contacted support about this and they responded fast. Although we had a slight misunderstanding, eventually we were on the same page and the issue was resolved quickly.

Up until now the level of their service and support has been very consistent. Uptime and speeds have been great since day one. My sites have been down for a total of about 20 minutes in two months and I think that’s not bad at all. On top of that, the StableHost support team is always ready to help you with whatever issues you have with your hosting account. Their name StableHost definitely suits them — indeed, they offer stable hosting services!

Final Verdict

StableHost is an awesome host and I assure you that you’ll be in good hands if you do decide to sign up with them. I’m telling you, you won’t find a service this great for this cheap! Their basic package costs $3.95/month for 3gb of space (great for starter sites), and I personally believe this is a great bargain considering the quality of their service.

Another thing I’d like to highlight is StableHost’s support team. I feel like they’re always ready to help — they’ve been very helpful from the moment I signed up until now. They are very friendly and understanding as well so I don’t think newbies will have a difficult time communicating with the support reps.

With that said, StableHost is now one of the few select hosts which I’ll surely recommend to anyone who’s looking for a reliable web hosting company.

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StableHost Review Updates

07/03/2014 – Support seems to be slowing down, but it’s tolerable.
Last week, I opened a ticket regarding email issues that my client was having. It was a pretty urgent matter but knowing StableHost, I expected the issue to be solved in a few minutes. I waited for their tech support to get back to me but I never heard from them until about 40 minutes later. We exchanged a few messages via the support ticket and the issue was finally resolved after 2.5 hours.

Don’t get me wrong, 2.5 hours isn’t bad. With a lot of other hosts you’d have to wait for at least a day to get your problem fixed. Maybe it’s just I’m used to getting simple hosting issues fixed in less than 30 minutes. According to StableHost, their typical turnaround time for technical issues is one hour. I’m not sure if “turnaround time” means response time or actual resolution time, but 2.5 hours is nowhere near their typical turnaround time.

I hope they work on this and get their ticket/issue resolution time back to the way it was before.

07/24/2014 – StableHost’s support is now back to being blazing fast!
These past couple of days, I needed StableHost‘s assistance in sorting out a few issues with my clients’ accounts. They have replied and resolved problems within 15 minutes and I’m really glad that their support is back to being blazing fast!
09/23/2014 – Just found out they charge a flat fee for SSH access.
Note: If you’re not an advanced user then you shouldn’t worry about this at all. You most probably won’t need SSH access.

I asked the techs to enable SSH access for my account and I was surprised when they linked me to a knowledgebase article saying that SSH access would cost me a one-time fee of $2.50. Okay, $2.50. This means it practically costs nothing. So this should be no big deal right? Well yes, but considering that most other hosts do this for free and that enabling SSH access would take literally just a few seconds of their time, I don’t think this $2.50 fee is warranted.

06/10/2015 – StableHost added unlimited plans.
StableHost now offers two unlimited disk space and bandwidth plans, “Starter” which allows for hosting a single domain and “Pro” for hosting unlimited domains. I received a survey from StableHost in May about them considering the move to offer “unlimited plans”. I was concerned about the direction things might go with the quality of their service if they went this route, but the limitations are all laid out, and nothing has changed for me so far. They are still as reliable as they have always been. They are upfront about the fact that limitations in web hosting aren’t about disk space and bandwidth as much now, but CPU, Memory, I/O, Connections to MySQL, etc. They have listed exactly what is included with their “unlimited” plans.

  • CPU: 1 Full Core
  • Memory: 1GB
  • IO: 3Mbit
  • Max PHP Processes: 15
  • Total Processes: 30
  • MySQL Connections: 15
  • Suitable for ~215,000 monthly visitors

Their older plans that have set limits on disk space (Starter 3GB, Stable 7GB, and Plus 20GB) with unlimited bandwidth are still available for purchase. I’m on a “Shared Stable Basic” 3 GB disk space plan (now called Starter). An amazing deal for reliable hosting with 99.99% uptime over the past 30 days. 4 minutes down in February, 9 minutes down in March, zero minutes down in April, 4 minutes down in May, zero down in June.

04/15/2018 – StableHost has been sold.
Miss Group has acquired StableHost.


WebHostingTalk.com post

Hi all,

It’s correct that we have been sold to Miss Group. However, we will not do any changes of staff, merge any datacenters or increase any pricing. The only price change we did so far was to decrease the pricing on gTLD’s and increased the number of domains we offer.

We also introduced a new cluster location now in Stockholm to increase the presence of StableHost and to offer more locations.

Please let me know in PM if you have any questions!

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18 responses to “StableHost Review”

  1. Lee says:

    Agree mau is a great techsupport

  2. compstuff says:

    I recently switched over from GoDaddy and I can sincerely say that my experience with StableHost has been horrible!!! I should have known when I called up to try and ask some pre-signup questions of the Sales Dept. and the recording stated that I needed to open a ticket and then proceeded to hang up on me. Wow that was a really BAD way to start but I figured what the heck the reviews were good so I might as well continue.

    What a MISTAKE!!! I have my domains registered at CheapNames and my DNS controlled at CloudFlare so I had some specific questions to ask support. Well I quickly found out that calling is completely useless since they tell you to open a ticket. OK so I open tickets …Now don’t get me wrong, working through tickets and e-mail is not something I am opposed to especially since I run a Help Desk for my clients, but when doing so you really need to provide detailed answers and actually HELP or else a ticketing system is SOOOO FRUSTRATING…. Especially when they advertise that they will respond in 15 to 30 minutes yet take hrs. and simply don’t provide answers so your in a never ending circle jerk.

    The net result of this was StableHost managing to turn what should have been an extremely easy set of tasks into a painstaking and frustrating endeavor. On top of that they decided to tell me that I was being rude when I told them I was getting frustrated and asked if it was too much trouble for them to provide some detailed support answered instead of just one line responses which didn’t even answer all my questions.

    SO I figured it was time to “open a ticket” with the sales dept. and tell them I was extremely unhappy with the support but when I did they immediately decided that they were terminating my account and I had exactly 24 hrs to find a new hosting company. WOW!!! I have never experienced such an unprofessional response!!!!

    This hosting company may have a good hardware framework and pricing but they are a Mickey Mouse operation and I would NEVER recommend their hosting service to ANYONE!!!

    • Brent says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your negative experience with them. As far as I’m concerned though they’ve been really responsive when it comes to tickets. I have a reseller account with them and all my issues/questions always get prompt replies.

      Now telling you that your account is going to be terminated in 24 hours and you should find a new host asap is a bit too much IMO.. but there must be a reason for that. A lot of hosting companies choose to “let go” of a client when they feel they can’t give what the client needs/expects.

      If there’s really no way you could get things resolved with StableHost then may I suggest giving MDDHosting a try. Go ahead and read my review about them – they answer tickets in minutes (literally) and I find their support faster than StableHost’s, although tbh they aren’t too far from each other as far as my experience is concerned.

      Good luck!

      • compstuff says:

        First I would like to correct an error in my original post which stated that I was given 24 hrs… it was 48 hrs and I apologize for the error it was a legitimate mistake on my part and not done intentionally.

        I also agree completely that their are often times when a client and a service provider are not a good fit. I myself have walked away from clients and potential clients when I feel that it has a potential for problems. Yet with that said I am amazed to find that in a hosting scenario… but I must admit the last 2 days have been rather amazing to say the least :-)

      • Timmy says:

        Daaaammmnnn!!! You just got torched son!

        Your whole post loses
        all credibility with that 24 hour lie! I’m more inclined to believe you
        were the problem and not the hosting company now.

        I wish I could give you 1STAR! !!!!!!!!!!!!


      • compstuff says:

        Your sooo right… I intentionally lied and I also intentionally caused
        myself problems so I could do all my hosting transfers again and deal
        with the other myriad of changes that needed to be done. Then I also
        tried to cover up my mistake and continue my lie… WOW who really deserves 1
        star here???

      • Timmy says:


        Somebody got caught in a lie. Was it worth it? Was it?

      • compstuff says:

        Timmy your ignorance in this situation amazes me and you bring nothing of value to this thread at all yet you feel compelled to reply with complete nonsense. I have since moved on to another hosting company that I couldn’t be happier with. Their support is spectacular, their network is fast and so far reliable. In fact I have become a reseller and am moving my clients over to them as well.

    • StableHost says:

      Sorry to hear about your bad experience, we try our best to cater to
      each customer but sometimes it doesn’t work out. In this case, this
      customer submitted 7 tickets in 24 hours about various questions on
      setting up cPanel and there was obviously a communication error, he
      didn’t understand our responses and continued to get more angry, marking
      every response “1 star” and using comments like “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      We decided it was best to let the customer find a new home and refunded
      him 100%. We can’t please every customer and sometimes the easiest
      solution is to let the customer move on.

      We wish him the best and hope he can find a web host that caters to his needs.

      For the record, we gave the customer 48 hours to find a new home.

  3. Ritesh Prasad says:

    Pathetic service. Stay away at all cost.

  4. Satz says:

    My best host so far.

  5. Bob says:

    I am comparing the enterprise plans of MDDhosting and Stablehost. STH offers script troubleshooting and hack repair for the same price. This is a great service. They also have priority support. Would this make their support equal or better to MDD?

    And with a 25% life discount, STH becomes a great deal. Do you agree?

    • Brent says:

      In my experience, StableHost’s support averages around 1 hour to reply while MDDHosting averages less than 30 minutes so MDD wins when it comes to support response + resolution time.

      Support quality-wise, I’d say they’re more or less the same but I’ve had one or two tickets with StableHost that would’ve been resolved faster if the tech understood the issue the first time — we’re talking language barrier here; some of their techs are non-native English speakers.

  6. Sarah A Webster says:

    From the beginning, I got pretty poor site speeds from Stablehosts. I was drawn in by the price, but never again. After dealing with their technical service, I was continually upsold to more service as a way to improve site speeds. But it never improved. The worst part was I paid two years in advance for service (fool me once), and they absolutely refused to give me my money back for un-used service paid in advance. They said that they only provide refunds when the service is cancelled within 45 days. … Even though my service was paid in advance, they would not refund the unused service. I find this unethical to be honest. Fortunately, I have found another host that I am happy with for the moment, but I will never pay in advance again. If you are tempted to use this hosting service, I would encourage you to read their terms of service carefully.

    • Lucien says:

      The only thing you say that I agree on is to never pay for many years in advance – one year is tops, more than that is madness even with the most reputed hosts; the rest sounds pretty far-fetched to me, especially after hosting more than 1yr with Stablehost.

      First of all, my Stablehost’s site Pingdom results have always shown excellent speed (“87-88% faster than…” results) even testing from different locations. Second, Stablehost doesn’t “upsell” – they’re not GoDaddy; they always try to solve things. Last, based on what you say in your first time, in my opinion you always went for the cheapest package which wasn’t evidently right for your site. So, stop blaming the host for choosing to spend with pennies instead of dollars.

      And no refund given after money-back guarantee time ends is not limited to Stablehost; pretty much all providers do that, it’s not unethical at all.

  7. Don says:

    I loved them when I first signed up which was many years ago. They are terrible now. Constant email problems, websites sometime crash and their support system is awful. I had to move one of my clients to another host and before the year is up, I will move all of mine away. It’s sad to see a once good company become less than mediocre.

  8. Ryan Chamberlain says:

    Since stablehost has been sold it has gone to hell. The environment is exceedingly slow, to the point where it causes fatal errors. The “tech support” is a complete joke, they have no problem jacking you around and wasting your time. I think this is due to the fact that they’re completely incompetent and haven’t a clue about what they’re doing. I had used tech support prior to the company being sold and was able to recieve promt and successful help. Now, is the complete opposite. They’re terrible and unless you want to waste your time and money, go elsewhere for your hosting needs.

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