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One.com Review

Posted by Review Hell
Last updated on Sep 19, 2014

One.com is one of the more popular web hosts in Europe. I’ve been curious about them since early 2013 and I’ve been checking them out quite frequently since then. Their prices are a bargain and it seemed like their plans are perfect for small sites, so I finally decided to try them out last October 2013. Unfortunately, the quality of their service that I experienced was nowhere near what they promised!

Incompetence at Its Finest

I hosted one site with them. The site was just a simple travel/tourist information site about a local city. It had 14 pages and a couple pictures. No databases, no complex scripts, nothing that would crash a shared server. About a month after I launched the site, I received a notice that my site was suspended because I was using too much resources. I was appalled and surprised — how on earth could I use too much resources on this site when I was only getting 100-300 page views per day?

I contacted support through live chat and asked how my site could have exhausted my account’s limits. They told me I should submit a ticket and they were going to look into it. Alright, fair enough. Four hours later, I received a response, saying my account was suspended because I used too much bandwidth. Okay, so it took them 4 hours to basically repeat what their initial notice said. That’s impressive…not. And what did they just say? I used too much bandwidth? I’m well aware that unlimited hosts often have worse limits than hosts who offer guaranteed resources, but this was just unbelievable considering my site only had a maximum of 300 pageviews per day!

A day later, my site was still suspended. I got on live chat to get a better explanation about my issue. The support rep said my account was suspended because it contained “abusive material.” That made me go “what the hell?” even more, as my site was all about TRAVEL and TOURIST SPOTS. There was absolutely nothing illegal. There wasn’t even stuff about red light districts — just 100% worksafe, PG-rated content.

I asked them what content was “abusive” and I’ll remove it ASAP so they can get my site back online. They couldn’t give me a definite answer. All their responses were vague, and there were instances when they’d tell me that I was just using too much bandwidth.

I rechecked their terms and I found this bit about their bandwidth:

Traffic is basically unlimited. However, traffic must be normal in nature and not disrupt that of other customers. If a customer’s traffic disrupts that of others, One.com reserves the right to close the customer’s web space without notice and/or make a separate charge for the traffic. One.com reserves the absolute right to decide whether or not traffic is excessive. On closure of a web space, no refund will be made of any subscription paid in advance.

Source: One.com Terms of Service

Right. I signed up thinking that less than a thousand pageviews per day wouldn’t “disrupt” other people on the same server. I guess what happened was they simply executed the second to the last sentence above (in bold) and decided my site which had 300 pageviews a day was getting excessive traffic. Damn, I bet those monkeys’ servers are only capable of hosting sites which get 10 visits a day…

It was a confusing and crazy experience so I decided I’d move this little site of mine to another host. I just couldn’t bear having to deal with a bunch of incompetent people who are good at nothing but lying and making up excuses. I asked for a refund, but they told me they couldn’t refund me because I violated their ToS. Fine, maybe that’s how they made most of their money anyway. It seemed to me that they force users to sign up for a year of hosting (they have no monthly plans available) and then suspend the accounts so they wouldn’t be eligible for refunds.

Thankfully I had backups so I just moved that site to another provider, worked on it for one more month, then later on sold it for a decent amount of money. That One.com experience was one hell of a nightmare that I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through!

Now if you asked me to rate their customer service and support, I’d give them 0.5 out of 5. A half-star rating for their support team is already very generous. I am giving them 0.5 simply because they exist, even though the whole time I was using One.com’s services, I felt that real support was non-existent!

Final Verdict

One.com says a million customers can’t be wrong for choosing them. While I believe that it’s possible they have at least a million clients, I don’t believe these people could count as “happy customers!” I say these people must be too oblivious (or busy with other things) to even care about their websites. You know those people who only remember they’ve got a site when they receive an email notification saying their domain is going to expire in a couple of days? Yep, I bet those people comprise most (if not all) of One.com’s “1,000,000 customers who can’t be wrong.”

If you are going to build a site and then going to forget about it for months, then go ahead and sign up with One.com. I’m sure you won’t notice any problems at all. If you’re serious about your site, and you don’t want to deal with lousy service and incompetent staff then you should avoid this host at all costs!

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10 responses to “One.com Review”

  1. Sasha says:

    I’m the opposite of the people you mention: I check my sites pretty much daily, and get pretty anxious at every tiny downtime.
    I don’t know about the set up fee, but I hosted with One.com for one year (they had a nice offer where you only paid about €12.00 – about $ 16.00 – for the domain cost) and I never had any issues: site was always up, ftp worked perfectly and the speed was excellent.
    I left because I no longer needed the site, but I would have no problem to go with them again.

    • Brent says:

      Good for you, it seems they were able to meet your needs..

      $16 is expensive for a domain. How much did you pay for 1 year of hosting?

      • Sasha says:

        Living in Italy, where domains cost € 14-15 ( about $ 19-20), 12 is pretty nice.
        I didn’t pay anything for the hosting: the offer gave domain+hosting for the € 12.00/yr of the domain, forfeitting the hosting cost.

      • Brent says:

        I mean you could’ve gotten a $10 domain from NameCheap, unless of course it was an Italian ccTLD or something. Nevertheless you got yourself a pretty great deal. ;)

      • Sasha says:

        One.com doesn’t allow you to use your own domain; you must purchase one together with the hosting (mine ws a *.net domain).

  2. Peedoff says:

    One.com cheap web hosting is a complete con. They sign you up and then get debt collection agencies involved if you don,t terminate your contract within the first 11 months.
    I forgot about my account when I activated it as life changed dramatically following a family accident.
    Eleven months later and completely out of the blue a debt collection agency made contact for £23.00. Yes it,s in there t/c ,s and I read them at the time, but life changed like I said and I forgot.
    I strongly suggest anyone looking for cheap web hosting to stay well away from one.com. don,t just take my word on this, there are loads more negative reviews about one.com. just google “one.com reviews”

    My advice would be to steer well clear of this crowd!!!

  3. NG75001 says:

    Definitely scammers. They didn’t take my cancellation into account and are now harassing me to pay for a subscription I cancelled. Moreover the technical quality of their hosting is very poor.
    I suggest that everyone who had a problem with them and their forced sales practises write messages on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, or anywhere on social media networks, in order to warn people and to let this disgusting company know how bad they are.

  4. LunarWatcher says:

    I have only good experience with one.com. I have only had downtime for about 30 minutes in the two years I have had the domain. The reason people have negative experience with for an instance debt collection agency(@Peedoff) is because of not making sure to pay your god damn bills. If you forget to pay for an instance power bills you lose power untill you pay and some places you have to deal with debt collection agencies. You getting issues because you forget to pay is not one.com’s fault it is your own.

    I have the beginner pack and I get 15 gigabyte(barely used 100 megabytes with wordpress, several html files and a backend for android crash reporting).

    Got several email addresses connected to the domain and I also have 50 GB in RushFiles as well. The price payed is actually cheap for all of this. Customer service is as any place varying. SOme people do not know anything and transfer me to others who can answer the question(those people should be fired) but it is not as terrible as Samsung’s “help”. I think the price isn’t that bad considering all the features.

    And there now is a PHP version picker.

  5. Eugene Powers says:

    DO NO SIGN UP with ONE.com They are EXTORTIONISTS!!!!!! Never notified
    me that my service is expiring and now they want me to pay them for the
    service I already canceled.

  6. Marina Ro says:

    Definitely scammers.
    All I wanted – Business e-mail and ordered it from ONE. Their services is nor FREE as they advertise as setup fees applies. I paid as requested.
    After 3 weeks my e-mail has not been setup.
    I contacted their support team several times and received some “copy-paste” responses with no resolution.
    When I requested full refund they just did not respond at all.
    So: They took my payment and did not provide what I paid for.

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