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MochaHost Review

Posted by Review Hell
Last updated on Oct 10, 2014

MochaHost is a web host that likes to brag about their “awards” and “guarantees” on almost every page of their website. Unfortunately, all of these things are just for show. Their service is ridiculously bad and they have some of the most incompetent support staff in this industry. I usually only review hosts after I’ve spent a good amount of time using their service (see #2 on this page), but damn, MochaHost is just so bad I had to make an exception!

Note: lengthy read ahead mainly because of the live chat transcript. You’re free to skip it of course, but I suggest you don’t so you could see how incompetent their support reps are.

Pre-sales Woes

If I were to describe my MochaHost live chat experience in one word, it would be “abysmal.” Seriously, just ask their reps a few not-so-common (albeit easy) questions and they will answer you with nonsense.

Chat Information Please wait for a site operator to respond.
Chat Information You are now chatting with ‘Michael’

Michael : Welcome to MochaHost’s Live Help! How may I help you?
Brent: Hi
Brent: What’s the I/O limit for linux shared hosting?
Michael : Hello
Michael : Can you please be more specific?
Brent: What do you mean?
Brent: I don’t know how to be more specific with my question.
Brent: Do you have any set limits for I/O?
Brent: Hello?
Michael : I am here.
Michael : Let me check this for you.
Brent: Okay, thanks.
Michael : There is no limit set on the I/O for the shared linux plans.
Michael : But if your account causes too much load on the server, it may be suspended.
Brent: What’s your definition of “too much load” then?
Michael : Since you are interested in the shared services, the resources you will have are unspecified, you are sharing them with other clients as well on the server.
Michael : I cannot provide you with an exact or estimate definition on the load.
Brent: Unspecified. Not unlimited?
Brent: And is this also the case with disk space and bandwidth?
Brent: Approximately how many users do you put in a server?
Brent: Hello..?
Michael : You are right about the case with disk space and bandwidth, we do not impose exact limits on them, but I cannot disclose on how many clients we have on the servers.

Okay. First impression? This guy doesn’t know about the product his company is selling. He seemed so confused and I felt like he was trying to withhold information about account limits as much as possible. I was able to make him spill the beans eventually and what can I say? So much for unlimited space and bandwidth!

Brent: I have a question about your speed guarantee.
Brent: You have this on your speed guarantee page: “We guarantee that your web sites will load faster and smoother than any other shared hosting provider”
Brent: If I transfer my site to MochaHost and it loads slower than on my other host, would you refund me?
Michael : We have 30 days money back guarantee for all of our hosting plans. For more information please check:
Michael : http://www.mochahost.com/risk_free.php
Brent: I’m aware of that, however what if it’s past the 30 days money back and for some reason my site slows down?
Brent: Or what if after 30 days I copy my site to another provider, and it loads faster?
Brent: So I guess what I’m asking is, what is this “guarantee” all about? Do you give compensations to clients?
Michael : We provide you with a 100% uptime guarantee which covers the availability of our servers, as well as all network components in all of our data centers. For further details please check this article:
Michael : http://mochahost.com/uptime.php
Brent: I’m not talking about uptime here.
Brent: I’m pertaining to http://mochahost.com/speed_guarantee.php
Brent: On that page, it says “We guarantee that your web sites will load faster and smoother than any other shared hosting provider, thus improving your web visitors experience and increasing the time your visitor spends on your site which ultimately leads to higher conversions.”
Brent: Still there?
Michael : This is the guarantee we provide that the website(s) you host will load faster.
Michael : I have not gone anywhere Brent, I apologize for any delay.
Brent: Yes I know… You’re guaranteeing that my sites will load faster.
Brent: But WHAT IF they don’t?
Brent: Would you offer some kind of compensation or what?
Michael : Do you have Windows or Linux based account?
Brent: I do not have an account yet.
Michael : I apologize, this message was sent by mistake.
Michael : One moment please.
Brent: Okay…

“One moment please.” actually meant “Please wait for 20 minutes.”

I wasn’t impressed at all. I asked about their speed guarantee, he linked me to their uptime guarantee page. When I sent him an excerpt of what they have on their speed guarantee page to let him know what I was talking about, he simply told me, “This is the guarantee we provide that the website(s) you host will load faster.” Like I didn’t know that. Then he sent me a message meant for another client by mistake. What if we were discussing confidential stuff and he accidentally sent my account info to another client? I can’t even…

Michael : Thank you for the patience Brent.
Michael : Since this is a complimentary service we provide with our Shared Linux plans, there is no compensation for it if your website is running slow, but in such event to occur, you can always contact us and we will check the issue out for you.
Brent: So what’s this “guarantee” all about?
Brent: You say you *guarantee* that my websites will run faster than on any other web host
Brent: And if they don’t? You’re basically going to say “sorry” and that’s it?
Michael : It is a features that guarantees that your website will run faster on our servers, but if your applications/websites require more resources or additional settings/features that are not supported on the server, then it might run slower, in such case as I noted, you can always contact us and we will check the issue for you.

Wait, what? There’s a chance that it might run slower? What is the guarantee for then?

Brent: So what I want to know is, if I put two identical sites on two different servers – one on yours, one with another host. And the one on MochaHost loads slower, what would I get from you?
Brent: Nothing? So are you saying this “guarantee” is just for show?
Michael : You can request to cancel the account if you are not satisfied, it is up to you to decide.
Brent: I know that… I just want to know what this “guarantee” thing is all about.
Brent: You mean to say there’s no real guarantee?
Brent: It’s just to get people to sign up with you?

Long pause. About 10 minutes. I was very frustrated at this point. The quality of his replies had yet to justify the enormous waiting time for each response. The conversation was going nowhere and Michael didn’t seem to understand my point.

Michael : This is not what I am saying Brent, it is a guarantee we provide for free on the shared Linux plans for your websites that are sure to run smooth and fast on our servers, but if your websites have any applications hosted that might contradict the use of the feature, then there is nothing we can do.
Brent: It’s not even about the apps or software or anything like that at all.
Brent: This is blatantly stated on your “Lightning Fast Guarantee” page: “We guarantee that your web sites will load faster and smoother than any other shared hosting provider”
Brent: You state it on your page like you’re 1000% sure my sites will be faster on MochaHost’s servers.
Brent: I guess what I’m saying is, what if your servers are crappier than other hosts’? What’s your “guarantee” gonna do about it?
Michael : Brent, I provided you with an answer, what is stated on the website is what is provided, in case you are unsatisfied with the service we offer, you contact us and we can help you or you cancel your account.
Brent: I don’t see how your “answer” qualifies as an actual answer to my question.
Brent: You’re guaranteeing something, but when someone asks what if you don’t meet your guarantee for whatever reason, you say there’s nothing you can do?
Brent: What’s stated on the website is what’s provided. Ok. So you’re saying you’re 100% sure my sites will be faster on MochaHost than on any other host?
Brent: Okay, no answer. I’m tired of waiting. I’ll close this chat now. It wasn’t a pleasant experience that’s for sure.

I’m sorry if I was slightly rude to Michael towards the end but it was a really frustrating experience. I had to wait MINUTES for EVERY response that I didn’t feel like I was on live chat. I felt like I was having an email conversation with some unqualified support rep.

That pre-sales live chat was a nightmare and I wouldn’t have signed up for MochaHost AT ALL if I didn’t want to write a thorough MochaHost review. This experience is more than enough to NOT recommend MochaHost to anyone, but of course I signed up for an account to further test their service. I managed to stay with them for two weeks before I decided to stop the madness and pull the plug.

They Have Lightning Fast Servers… Not!

Here’s what MochaHost has on their “Lightning Fast Guarantee” page:


I had a “business card” website on my MochaHost account. It had three pages — home page, about page, and a contact page. The site was well-optimized and its traffic was almost negligible at 5 visits per day. Take a look at my Pingdom test result below. I was very disappointed with the site’s loading speed.

Site on MochaHost (Datacenter in Chicago, Illinois)

4.71 seconds is just too much waiting time especially for a simple static site like mine.

For comparison purposes, I uploaded the same exact site to another host. Here’s the speed test result of the site hosted on my StableHost account:

Site on StableHost (Datacenter in Phoenix, Arizona)

The loading time was cut to less than 1/10 of what it was when the site was hosted on MochaHost’s servers! Clearly, MochaHost has speed issues, but I never bothered contacting their support about their lightning fast whatever guarantee because doing so wouldn’t have done me any good. See the live chat transcript above for proof.

100% Uptime Guarantee…

In two weeks of being with MochaHost, I’ve constantly received alerts from my uptime monitor saying that my site went down. The longest downtime was for 4 hours and 27 minutes. There were days where my site had several 10-15 minute downtimes which sum up to 3 hours and 55 minutes.

Total downtime in two weeks: 8 hours and 22 minutes
Uptime in two weeks: 97.51%

97.51% uptime is terrible. I can’t believe this host has the audacity to promise 100% uptime when clearly, they can’t deliver.

Unreliable Support

MochaHost’s support is one of the worst ever. I would write about every horrible experience I’ve had with their support team here, but this review would be one or maybe two thousand words longer if I did that. Anyway…

Their live chat support is not helpful. In fact, support is virtually non-existent. Their technicians take ages to respond, and when they finally do, you’d be disappointed because they just copy-paste things that can easily be found across their website.

Ask them about why your site is/was down, they’ll tell you there’s no problem with their network. Ask why emails aren’t being received and they’ll say “check your spam folder” like it wasn’t the first thing a person with a half-decent brain would do.

With the kind of “support” they offer, it’s just too much of a risk to host a serious website with them. Something could (and most probably WILL) go wrong with your site and chances are, MochaHost’s support team won’t be able to give you assistance.

Ambiguous Pricing and Cheap Service

I will try to keep this section as short as possible. MochaHost does misleading advertising in a sense that the monthly rates on their homepage only apply if you opt for a 3-year billing cycle. You can only get shared hosting for $1.95/month if you prepay for three years and trust me, that would be a very bad move on your part if you did that…

Their cheapest plan is for $3.95/month if paid monthly and what I hate about it is you can only host one website with this plan. Not to mention there’s a ridiculous $5 setup fee! I really hate hosts who charge setup fees for shared hosting because they don’t really manually setup anything for you. Everything is automated, so why should one have to pay a setup fee?

Granted, $8.95 for the first month and $3.95/month subsequently is cheap for what they promise. Unfortunately, price isn’t the only thing that’s cheap here. Their actual service is cheap and unprofessional. They are not worth a penny IMO. There are other hosts who offer much better services for around the same price as MochaHost and I would suggest you go with one of them instead.

Final Verdict

If you’ve ever watched the show called Scam City then you’re probably familiar with Conor Woodman’s quote. Guess what? My horrible, nightmarish experience with MochaHost can more than justify my use of that quote. “I get scammed so you don’t have to.” Okay so technically it wasn’t a “scam” but MochaHost’s service is so terrible you would think it was.

I know MochaHost is cheap and you wouldn’t lose much money if you were to try them, but honestly these guys are not worth it. Don’t waste your money,on this web host. Avoid this joke of a company at all costs!

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3 responses to “MochaHost Review”

  1. Ana says:

    Companies like MochaHost represent the dark side of the net and, unless you put limits to the net, there is virtually nothing you can do except moving your site/s away.

    I had heard of MochaHost before, on those fake reviews sites (the best host is the one who pays more) and even on those sites 85-90% of MochaHost reviews are bad ones.

  2. mainal says:

    Mochahost performance is worse than that of free website providers like 000webhost.com. If you do not want to lose your money, do not give it to these jockers. Their customer service is pretty bad, it took me two days just to get my credit card approved. After that, I finally managed to login to my control panel only to be astonished at their poor speeds. If you host with these guys you could as well forget about return visitors. I could not get jquery to load because of serer time out. Load time is worse than ten seconds for a simple wordpress page. It is just not worth the money or your time. Go look elsewhere

  3. randy says:

    Wish I’d read all this before I signed up with this joke company

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