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HostWithLove Review

Posted by Review Hell
Last updated on Nov 3, 2016

HostWithLove began providing shared and reseller web hosting services back in 2012. Today customers can choose from 9 different server locations spread out all over the world. It’s been just over a year (3/27/15) since I signed up with HostWithLove and I have been happy enough with them to renew my S1 shared hosting plan for another year.

Speed Test Results – Orlando Server Location

My hosting account is on a server located in Orlando, Florida in HostDime’s data center. The Pingdom speed test results from Dallas, TX are below (1.11 seconds). I was initially on the Orlando01 server but was migrated to their Orlando02 server back in October (without any downtime).


HostWithLove keeps on adding new servers locations. They currently have servers located in 9 different data centers, across 4 continents:

  1. Lansing, Michigan (LiquidWeb)
  2. Dallas, Texas (QuadraNET)
  3. Orlando, Florida (DimeNOC)
  4. Los Angeles, California (DimeNOC)
  5. Sao Paulo, Brazil (DimeNOC)
  6. London, United Kingdom (DimeNOC)
  7. Amsterdam, Netherlands (DimeNOC)
  8. New Delhi, India (DimeNOC)
  9. Wan Chai, Hong Kong (DimeNOC)

HostWithLove Locations

Tech Support Experience

HostWithLove’s support has been pleasant and thorough. Initial support response times haven’t been super fast but they aren’t extremely slow either. I’ve had 3 technical support tickets and when they replied back they answered fully and ultimately ended up getting to the bottom of any problems.

10/04/15 Ticket
Jansen created a ticket to inform me that my account was successfully migrated from the Orlando01 server to the Orlando02 server.

11/05/15 Ticket
Me (21:28): I’m sure you are on it but just wondering if there’s a problem with orlando02? Unable to connect.
Me (21:30): Never mind…down for around 10 minutes but it’s back up now.
Trevor (23:33): Apologies about that, we had to do a quick server reboot to revive a kernel panic. We had KernelCare installed which should have settled that but somehow it didn’t install the latest updates as it should, we have reinstalled it which should resolve the issue. Should you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to update this ticket.

01/26/16 Ticket
Me (19:13): What’s happening with orlando02? I’m getting a 500 Internal Service Error trying cPanel.
Trevor (20:19): We are currently looking into this, please standby for further updates.
Trevor (20:35): The error is now resolved. It seems to be due to some excess files on a particular partition, we are looking into why this is happening and will revert shortly so you are kept updated on the cause and remedy actions.

So the problem is solved and I can sleep without worry. The next morning I received an update from Trevor.

Trevor (08:56): Sorry for the delay on this. After investigating, it appears the issue might be related to a cPanel update that was filling up the partition. We are performing some adjustments from our end to prevent this from occurring again. Sorry for any inconvenience caused last night!

It turns out this was the cause and they ended up needing to do some preventive maintenance on Orlando02 a few days later which did the trick.

Monthly Uptime Numbers

Overall for the year there has been very little downtime each month. The only exception was in January when there were problems from an automated cPanel update.

April 2015 100% Uptime (0 minutes of downtime)
May 2015 99.98% Uptime (10 minutes of downtime)
June 2015100% Uptime (0 minutes of downtime)
July 2015 99.99% Uptime (5 minutes of downtime)
August 2015 100% Uptime (0 minutes of downtime)
September 2015 99.98% Uptime (7 minutes of downtime)
October 2015 100% Uptime (0 minutes of downtime) Migrated from Orlando01 server to Orlando02 server.
November 2015 99.95% Uptime (9 minutes of downtime)
December 2015 100% Uptime (0 minutes of downtime)
January 2016 99.87% Uptime (59 minutes of downtime) Automated cPanel update issues & emergency reboot Orlando02 server – Jan 30th.
February 2016 99.98% Uptime (10 minutes of downtime)
March 2016 100% Uptime (0 minutes of downtime)
April 2016 100% Uptime (0 minutes of downtime)
May 2016 99.98% Uptime (10 minutes of downtime)
June 2016 100% Uptime (0 minutes of downtime)
July 2016 100% Uptime (0 minutes of downtime)
August 2016 100% Uptime (0 minutes of downtime)
September 2016 99.91% Uptime (37 minutes of downtime)
October 2016 99.96% Uptime (16 minutes of downtime)

Final Verdict

HostWithLove has been a great hosting company so far and I now know why they are so well spoken of on WebHostingTalk. I noticed HostWithLove increased their prices slightly since I signed up last year but they are still reasonably priced. The only negative thing I’ve ever heard about them is that their support can take longer sometimes, which is definitely something to strive for improving. From my small number of tech support tickets I have to agree that initial responses aren’t as quick as with other providers. However, the quality of their responses are not at all lacking, which is important. It’s better to get a helpful in-depth response than receiving an immediate empty response just to acknowledge the existence of your ticket with no resolution, followed later by a canned response that goes something like, “We are having significant delays at this time due to a large number of customer service inquires. I want to assure you that we are diligently working on finding a resolution to your problems.” Thankfully HostWithLove doesn’t shoot out empty replies that leave you hanging like that. After all they have to live up to their name and be a host with love.

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