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HostPapa Review

Posted by Review Hell
Last updated on Sep 4, 2014

HostPapa is a web hosting company who takes pride in being eco-friendly. They claim their servers are “100% powered by certified green renewable energy sources” and that’s good if it’s true. Now if you want to help the environment in your own small way then you might want to consider green web hosting… but if it means you’d have to go with a company like HostPapa then I suggest you pass on the opportunity to make a difference, at least for now.

I’ve had the chance to try HostPapa’s service last month when a client contacted me to help them with their photo blog. They wanted me to migrate all their Blogspot content to WordPress. I had to do the tweaking, optimizing, and all the typical tasks I do for my WordPress clients. I love helping my clients and I love doing all these things for them, but sometimes it just gets so frustrating when I have to deal with slow and unresponsive hosts.

HostPapa’s Servers: Slow as Hell!

Okay first off, I believe I optimized my client’s site really well. All existing and even newly uploaded images were compressed. Different caching rules were enabled through W3 Total Cache. Plugins were kept to a minimum and the site used a lightweight theme called Schema by MyThemeShop.

Despite doing these and many other things to optimize my client’s WordPress, the site’s loading speed was just horrible. The site was so slow I felt like it was hosted on a cardboard box server powered by paper windmills.

Take a look at the screenshots below. These are the Pingdom website speed test results of my client’s website. These tests were done today but the results have been pretty much consistent since our first day with HostPapa.

10.60s for a 1.1mb page? I manage a lot of my own and my client’s websites and most 1mb pages load in 2 seconds or less. I know of a lot of popular sites that have ~5mb of data on a page and these pages load in about 3 seconds. Surely 10.60s is the slowest this site could get? Unfortunately that’s not the case here… take a look at the two other results below (tested from different locations).


Yeah this is bad. It’s worse than the first one but it’s not the worst. I’m sorry but HostPapa can do a much crappier job than this.

I don’t even know what to say anymore. This is one of the worst speed test results I’ve ever seen. 12.37s for a 1.1mb page is detestable. My client is from the Netherlands and I could only imagine their frustration as they wait for their blog to load.

These shameful loading speeds should be enough to convince you to NOT host your site with HostPapa, but in case you’re still having second thoughts then go ahead and read the rest of this HostPapa review.

Unprofessional Support

Just by taking a look at the speed test results above, you can tell I obviously had to contact HostPapa’s support team about the speed issues. I got on live chat and asked the support rep to check on my client’s account and see why it’s awfully slow. After waiting for about 15 minutes, I got a canned response saying there’s no issue with there servers and that I should just optimize the site instead. He ended the chat right after his copy-pasted response. How unprofessional!

A few hours later, I tried to get on live chat again to discuss the issue with another support rep. I got the same exact reply as I did from the first rep. Who would have thought, right?! It was funny and disgruntling at the same time.

At that moment I just gave up on HostPapa and tried to convince my client it was time to move. As of this writing, my client’s site is still hosted with HostPapa but fortunately I was able to make my client realize that it was about time we end our frustrations. We will be moving their site to a much better and faster server soon.

Ludicrous Pricing and Marketing

Not only does HostPapa provide extremely unsatisfactory service but they also have ludicrous pricing and marketing strategies. If you review their pricing structure, you’ll see that they require all clients to prepay for at least a year.

One year: $5.95/month = $71.40 first invoice
Two years: $4.95/month = $118.80 first invoice
Three years: $3.95/month = $142.20 first invoice

They display a big, fat $3.95/month banner on their homepage but the catch is you have to pay for 3 years to get that monthly rate. That equates to $142.20 for your first invoice and it’s not practical to spend that much for such a unreliable service. You can’t even safely try them for a month because the minimum you’d have to pay is $71.40.

Final Verdict

HostPapa‘s servers are slow and their support reps don’t give a flying windmill about that. They will never admit that the problem is on their end. Nevermind their pricing structure that requires clients to prepay for at least three years to get the rates advertised on their homepage. If you don’t want to deal with bad service and unprofessional support then don’t host your website with HostPapa.

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11 responses to “HostPapa Review”

  1. Hostpapa sucks says:

    HOSTPAPA SUCKS… got VPS Hosting for my forum for $80/m but it’s slow all day!!!!! Never buy from Hostpapa!

  2. I agree with all of this. Hostpapa are fucking useless. They cost me money recently when they updated the PHP on their servers without advising me first. It affected one of my sites and the first I knew of it was when I went to routinely check the site and got an ‘Internal Server Error’ message. Even though I had paid up front for the hosting I have left them and migrated my sites to a proper hosting company.

  3. Hostpapa not bad says:

    I actually found that they are a pretty good host. And to James. Anyone should know u have to keep your code up to date. Now trust me, maybe we should have been notified but if it breaks your site cause of your own neglect, your obviously a pretty fuckin useless coder lol. Customer service was good for me, however I opted for calling instead of online chat. I am still with them and have been for 3 years. No complaints so far.

  4. captain labrador says:

    Yup – stay away from Hostpapa – they let you build your site for a while, then shut it down claiming that it has been hacked and asking for an additional $129 to recover it. This after I paid extra for “daily backups”, which they now say have also been hacked.

  5. Rinderpest says:

    Arvixe runs hospapa’s VPS business, so that means that ASO / EIG runs their VPS services. Hostpapa VPS are all on the same node, and that node is over-sold.

  6. The_Dsigner says:

    I’m currently using Hostpapa and I can confirm that they’re server speeds are pathetic. I emailed and complained and they just told me its my site that is not optimized properly and that they’re servers are very fast. Its plainly obvious that they have severely oversold their shared server plans. Unfortunately for me i’m locked into a 3 yr plan with them. Like the saying goes “You get what you pay for” Next time I will put shell out a bit more for a better service.

  7. Anonymous HostPapa User says:

    Be careful about making complaints to Hostpapa and this is a warning to any business considering Hostpapa. I made a complaint to Hostpapa and they slowed my website from 5 seconds to 50 seconds deliberately and wouldn’t change it even though I made a complaint.

    If you are a successful business please don’t go to Hostpapa as they will ruin your business!!! I don’t just have one site hosted with Hostpapa and now I may need to transfer all my websites at my expense to another provider. Being a web designer there are currently projects on Hostpapa and there were future projects to move over to Hostpapa too but that is all going to go on hold now because of their petty behaviour.

    Note: your slow speeds on the other comments about this site are probably due to you making a complaint and them purposely slowing down your hosted website no matter how much you pay them.

  8. bowenmark says:

    Hostpapa has taken the money from our small non profit animal welfare society for hosting but they have not even set up our account. They just take the money and run, it has been six days now since it went out of Paypal and still no service.

  9. Dan says:

    This is such a terrible company. We left them a few days ago because the servers speeds were unbelievably slow. More often than not, sites wouldn’t load at all. Now they are holding our EPP codes hostage!! Our sites are down and we get transfer our domains without these codes. Please please please stay away from this company.

  10. Tom says:

    I am afraid I got sucked in too, now I cant even publish my first page, I have IT certifications, im screwed now with Hostpapa, they have me by the balls.

  11. Charlie says:

    Hostpapa has worst service I have ever experienced.
    My business was affected several times over three years that I was stocked with them. Every time I called to solve a problem they left me with a bigger one. I have speeded hours one the phone with them, they blocked my IP several times and took them weeks to figure it out, and I also lost ALL my emails 3 times due to their lack of communications and common sense. AVOID THEM!

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