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Crazy Domains AU

Crazy Domains AU Review

Posted by Review Hell
Last updated on Sep 19, 2014

I used to manage a client’s account hosted by Crazy Domains Australia and let me be straightforward with this — I’ve had nothing but headaches with them. It seems this company takes being a bad web host seriously and continually strives to excel in that aspect.

Fishy Hosting Plans, Service Slow as a Turtle

Crazy Domains’ cheapest hosting plan costs less than $3 per month for 150 GB of space and unlimited bandwidth. I am not sure if clients could actually use everything of their allotted disk space as 150 GB seems to much for three bucks a month. It wasn’t as bad as offering “unlimited everything” but this seemed fishy enough to me as soon as I saw it.

Anyway I had no choice but to work with what we had, so let’s talk about their service.

My client needed to add a new domain to their account (it was going to be the domain where we were going to build their new site on), apparently Crazy Domains didn’t allow for that process to be easy. We had to wait for them to manually setup the add-on domain and we had to wait for at least 5 days. When that happened I wasn’t really sure why my client decided to stay with this host despite my suggestion of moving to another one.

Once the account was setup, I proceeded to the upload process. Uploading files and content was a nightmare. FTP uploads would fail. I had a hard time posting content on WordPress because of frequent database connection errors. Getting a few things done in several hours when it would actually just take minutes with another host was very frustrating and tedious, but at least I had the website up and running… (but not for long)

The Last Straw

About a week after I finished uploading and configuring the site I worked so hard on, I received an email from my client saying that their website wouldn’t load and they were seeing an error message every time they tried to access their website. When I checked on it I found out that all the files were deleted! I told my client to communicate with their web host and ask if there were any problems with the server.

After a couple days, Crazy Domains replied and they said something like “we don’t know what happened and we can’t restore your site.” So they absolutely had no idea what happened and they didn’t want to do anything to help. And no, they weren’t apologetic, not even one bit.

Thankfully I had a copy of the site’s files, although the main content had to be re-uploaded into WordPress. This is on another host of course — I was able to convince my client to move after that dreadful event.

Final Verdict

Inconsistent speeds. Horrible support. They don’t acknowledge their mistakes and it seems they don’t care if their clients’ businesses suffer a loss due to their incompetence.

Crazy Domains’ quality of service is so poor that it makes me wonder what they do to actually keep their client base. Could be the cheap price, could be Pam Anderson’s endorsement, who knows. All I know is it’s definitely not the way they treat their customers. Avoid at all costs!

P.S. If you’re looking for a really bad web host then look no further. You’ve already found one in Crazy Domains Australia.

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14 responses to “Crazy Domains AU Review”

  1. Rob says:

    Totally agree… absolutely useless. Try Uber.

  2. Kevin says:

    Well I totally agree. They have totally screwed me. Had a US domain which ran in conjunction with an Australian Domain. I renewed both at the same time for 2 years and they only renewed the Australian one. Took my money and put the US one on back-order. My strategy is stuffed and they don’t give a dam. Do yourself a favour and use another domain service.

  3. AD says:

    Email hosting is just as bad. I run a small business and have had no emails for four days and all past emails have disappeared. Spent over an hour a day on the phone with their staff but they talk in circles and nothing is fixed. The first call wasn’t even logged. They’ve not followed up on calls or emails – and only on the fourth day is their an apology. This useless service has paralyzed my business !!

  4. Jeremy Gordon says:

    I must have been lucky. I’ve been with them since Jan 2011 and I’ve never had any real problems. Over the years I’ve maintained about 15 websites on about 10 different webhosts and in fact Crazy Domains have been very reliable compared with some of the others. Some other webhosts are constantly changing servers, going offline during updating etc. and some have enormous security holes. As far as I am aware my site has never been down with CD, has never been hacked, also mail has always come through instantly and support tickets have been answered quickly. Reliability was important for my site because it does commercial sales. I had one niggle when they refused to give me a refund for a product purchase whose description misled me (applying instead a credit to my account). And It was upsetting that they did not offer add-on domains (entirely different URL pointing to an entirely different website under the same webhosting account). However, it seems that they have now added this feature and I will be trying it out soon. Overall I made the correct decision to stay with them.

  5. David says:

    Totally agree I just purchased a vps from them and 1 day later and I’m about to cancel – problem being what will I do with the credit as I don’t want to use any of their services.

  6. Jimmy says:

    Hello folks! If any of you are web developers or are just looking for a
    domain registrar you may want to steer clear of crazydomains. When you
    do a search for domains on their website, they quote prices that are
    really competitive. However, when you go to checkout the price magically

    I contacted their customer care about it and provide
    screenshots and they said the higher price is correct and that there
    must be “a connection issue” to the website causing it to show me a
    lower price. When I asked for the advertised price I was told they
    weren’t able to give discounts.

    What discount? I’m only asking for the advertised price…talk about bait and switch!

  7. Aji says:

    Thieves !!!!!! take twice the money for one service …. Shame.
    Stay away and don’t waste your tim. STAY AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mitch H says:

    Another Crazy Domains disaster

    Read this BEFORE considering Crazy Domains.

    The promise

    When contacting Crazy Domains regarding a VPS Solution I was promised outstanding service, the best price, a money back guarantee and 99.9% uptime.


    After paying over $3000 for the full solution I found there was NO improvement in my website performance as proven through GT Metrix monitoring. I experienced endless issues with my email client (outlook and apple email) not being able to connect to the VPS server resulting in me spending tens of ours on the phone with Crazy Domains technical support who are unresponsive, do not call back when they promised and took months to resolve the issue. The issue resulted in lost emails, delayed emails and missed sales opportunities. Finally when the emails were fixed (after they “identified the issue” my whole website stopped working….I paid my developers to work 24 hours trying to identify the issue, after three days of my website being unable to take any orders (an ecommerce website without any checkout facility) my developers identified that the Crazy Domains server team had gone in and changed the PHP version without seeking permission or instruction. This outage caused reputational damage, lost sales and cost me $1000s in developers costs to identify and resolve.

    As a business I cannot rely on an unstable and poorly run server provider so I closed everything and transferred to another provider. A first Crazy Domains refused any refund, then offered a four month credit, then a 1 year credit and finally a 50% refund. They stated if I wanted a full refund I’d have to take legal action. The crazy domains product is inferior, slow, unreliable and the customer service is a disgrace. If you care about your clients, your businesses reputation and your sanity don’t even consider this company. 1 out of 5 stars. I will be seeking a full refund as Crazy Domains marketing is deceptive and misleading and they did not deliver the product I purchased. Legal proceedings in progress. The web is FULL of terrible reviews for this company and for good reason.

  9. Kikote says:

    Totally agree!!

    Used to be decent but…

    After years of being their customer I have managed to run away from them in almost all my projects and I have started to seriously warn clients and other devs and designers to not contract them for aaaany service they might think of.

    I still have some products with them (already paid obviously as I would never renew them).

    Uptime is a total joke and actually doubt it reaches more than 95%. For some of my client websites and servers, service is down an average of twice a month for some hours at least. It is a disaster.

    I have seen worse speeds in other providers though.

    And customer care… eeeeh… can that thing even call like that when dealing with them? Be ready for a slow, rude and not technically saavy team waiting for you when support time comes up. It is an utter joke.

  10. Wilson says:

    This is very lousy domain company and just want to cheat customer’s money without providing any services at all. I have ordered a new domain which was available to purchase at that time. But when I want to develop the website using the domain later and has been informed that the domain is not belonging to me anymore, saying that it was under domain backorder condition. I will say this is a cheating way to cheat the money from customers. In fact, this domain might be registered to the company name using customer’s money to pay for it. Never go to use this lousy company (Crazy Domains) to register a new domain anymore.

  11. RPP says:

    Worst customer service experience I’ve ever had from a web host. They’ve held my account hostage for a couple of weeks now over an issue that was THEIR fault. Wouldn’t recommend them to my worst enemy.

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